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Red Ship

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This is my second flash game. I know it could use a bit more polish and some background music, but out of weariness, I leave it here as it is.

Mouse: Aim, shoot.
A, D: Move left, right.
W, S: Switch weapons.
Esc, P: Pause.
R: Restart.

Scoring system: Destroy blocks in quick sucession to earn more points.



Can't beat 5-4

UGHHHHH ... This thing is really difficult.

@person below me.. you have to use skills to beat the levels.. it isn't a glitch.

I really enjoyed the creative levels, which give me a feeling of accomplishment. Everytime I beat a level, I get to see what new twists lay ahead of me.
But DANNNG 5-4 was lameass hard.. Still can't beat it

i think its good?

it might be good if i could beat 1-2. I run out of ammo and cant get more. a bug perhaps?

fun game, but..

I got stuck on 5-3, i know how to beat it, just its way hard and time consuming lol. But it still was an awesome game, liked the many different concepts on how to beat each level :) The pixelly animation was also pretty good and the movements were quite smooth and crisp. But i was hoping for some nice music during the gameplay, it would help increase to excitement of the game because it seems kinda boring without the music :/ The sound effects tho were great
Overall: 8/10 nice job!


how u get more ammo cuz i run out in level 1-2

Very good, but...

... there are several glitches involved with the physics of the game. Sometimes shots would go right through blocks without hitting them, or end up somewhere completely different from where they were supposed to be. I found these particularly annoying on Level 4-4 (Split Intro), in which, sometimes, the "split" shots either shot at the wrong level or went straight through blocks. If you could fix these problems, this would be truly fun.

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Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2010
12:51 PM EST
Puzzles - Other