Red Ship

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This is my second flash game. I know it could use a bit more polish and some background music, but out of weariness, I leave it here as it is.

Mouse: Aim, shoot.
A, D: Move left, right.
W, S: Switch weapons.
Esc, P: Pause.
R: Restart.

Scoring system: Destroy blocks in quick sucession to earn more points.




Boring at start, but very addicting when you come to the second level. I played that level 10 times just for fun. :)

Just don't be stupid as me and think it's DXBall-type of game, you can send multiple ammo... That's what makes it so fun!

Also, I'm stuck at the 2-3 level... :D


But walkthrough please- or some tips here and there (stuck on 2-3. Game has a quality retro feel, not harmed at all by the lack of music. Just damn difficult!


dont worry about the music.. the games great as it is..

its simple, so simple that it is not attractive but it made me play the game for a few... hours..... O.O

it is challenging.. some of the parts are just the right amount of ammo.. some you can go crazy, especially the level with 999 and 999 and 999 ammo XD

im at level 5-3 reflect.. damn that parallel, didnt know where i move those things move XD.... im stoping right now.. need some little rest.. been playing it since the kinder level XD

BEWARE : brainless lusty ejaculating little baby nerds that is addicted to shooting LARGE AMOUNTS of........... bullets and ammo's... this games not for you.. you got to THINK!! in this game.. be RESOURCEFUL!!.. and be PATIENT at ALL TIMES.........

this game is good, great even.. only reason people hating this game would be that they cant beat this game.. and nothing else.. sorry but that's the truth.. btw don't care if review useless.. since your useless anyways..

unfinished?! that is the most fukin stupidest reason I've ever seen in my whole life........ you people should just admit it.. too much porn makes you stupid..

I like!

its interesting, but imcomplete, 3/5 7/10

Don't hate.

I disagree that this game is terrible or unfinished. Some people are just complaining about it because for once a casual game has actually challenged us to think.

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3.40 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2010
12:51 PM EST
Puzzles - Other