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Finish the game with at least 24 gems.

SECRETS, PART 1 25 Points

Find the first secret area.

ADDICTED 50 Points

Finish the game with all 27 gems.

SECRETS, PART 2 50 Points

Find the second secret area.

THOROUGH 50 Points

Finish the game with a complete map.

SECRETS, PART 3 100 Points

Find all three secret areas.

Author Comments

LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys walk around.
JUMP by pressing UP, Z, SHIFT or the SPACEBAR.
M opens the MAP and the MENU.

Press M to open the map, or click on the icon in the corner of the screen!
At the map, you can Warp to the last marker you touched, Return to your spaceship, Start the game over from the very beginning, or mute and unmute the game.
Press M or click the icon again to exit the map.

The game is saved automatically ever time you touch a marker or collect a gem! Come back and you'll start where you left off.

Game by ANNA ANTHROPY http://www.auntiepixelante.com
Music by AMON26 http://amon26.site11.com
Full credits are in the game.



just like metroid.

great job.

Spent 3 straight hours on this thing. (SPOILERS!!)

Thoughts in sequence:

"Game looks great."
"Strange, I'm seeing some misplaced tiles, too bad, the game's great otherwise."
"Damn, more glitchy tiles, I think I should refresh this... nah what the hell leave it be."
"The tiles are getting more ridiculous."
"Now the music is 'glitching'?"

Although mind-rape games are getting more abundant here on newgrounds, they'd inevitably define themselves as such from either the very start or simply very early into the game. This was the very first game that I played that had me well into 70% of completion (with hindsight) and still did not have a definite idea if this game was MEANT to glitch or not.

The puzzles range from 'simple' to 'may require planning your steps', but nothing thrown at the player can be called mind-jamming or excessively difficult: THERE ARE NO DECEPTIVE PUZZLES IN THIS GAME, YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION OF THE PUZZLE IS MOST PROBABLY CORRECT. But I must say this: I have frequently noticed that the person that have actually designed the puzzles and stages to be conventional genius, I mean a puzzle/stage does not have to be complex for the player to realize how much effort and work was put into the design.

The music not only sets the mood but can give the player that slight pinch in the stomach that might cause those lighter hearted among us to become a bit nauseous: which makes the game even more awesome and mesmerizing.

The graphics... oh the graphics... If there was such a game that can implement pixel art as good as this did i'd say we have reached pixel perfection as a species. Now don't get me wrong, even though the art is amazing, the way it was implemented made the experience feel... complete... Basically the graphics/art and the way it was implemented made the game an artisic masterpiece in motion, even though there might be better looking pixel games out there somewhere.

Overall, a harrowing and subtly breath-taking experience. And I don't know whether this game simply struck a nerve in me or if it is as great as I see it to other people, but this game is simply perfect in its own way.

One of the rare games that I have played all the way through AND enjoyed every bit of it.

I will definitely never forget it.

favorited game
favorited designer

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The game is addictive and has that nice old school charm, giant map, decent save system, and tricky puzzles, and a nice non-linear gameplay. The plot raises questions without shoving them in your face, and leaves the result to the player. The fact the ship runs out of fuel yet starts with three red crystal slots open makes a lot of sense once you've beaten the game.
The backgrounds and music are cool, and it's worth it to restart the game so you can see what some areas look like before you start ripping apart the fabric of the world's reality, and the way the world begins to change as you go further on your quest starts off subtle but ends impressively- one of the biggest twists for such a simple game.
The puzzles are easy and are also easily skippable until you want to figure them out, and the use of the shot weapon for harmless art was a nice touch.
I would have liked maybe some different music for each area, and maybe a little more in the way of color before the big reveal, which would have made the final effect much more shocking.


great game, kept me very entertained the whole time, and it continually surprised me with new challenges and landscapes! a very original storyline and smooth challenge difficulty progression. I didn't run into any bugs, but maybe I was too blown away by how awesome this game was to notice

It glitched for me too

If u think THAT, well I think this only happens to me, but when i play this, the tiles seem to change. like when the tile is a pink squared tile, it changes to a corner one. but i like this game so im giving this a 10 but if this only happens to me then its ok.

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Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2010
11:40 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other