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Finish the game with at least 24 gems.

SECRETS, PART 1 25 Points

Find the first secret area.

ADDICTED 50 Points

Finish the game with all 27 gems.

SECRETS, PART 2 50 Points

Find the second secret area.

THOROUGH 50 Points

Finish the game with a complete map.

SECRETS, PART 3 100 Points

Find all three secret areas.

Author Comments

LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys walk around.
JUMP by pressing UP, Z, SHIFT or the SPACEBAR.
M opens the MAP and the MENU.

Press M to open the map, or click on the icon in the corner of the screen!
At the map, you can Warp to the last marker you touched, Return to your spaceship, Start the game over from the very beginning, or mute and unmute the game.
Press M or click the icon again to exit the map.

The game is saved automatically ever time you touch a marker or collect a gem! Come back and you'll start where you left off.

Game by ANNA ANTHROPY http://www.auntiepixelante.com
Music by AMON26 http://amon26.site11.com
Full credits are in the game.



This game makes me feel stupid

I start off the game with an overwhelming amount of crystals to obtain on a huuuuge map. very discouraging.

i literally ran all over the god damn place for 30 minutes and managed to get 3 crystals.

this game made me feel retarded.


This game is most interesting in my mind because its the first example I can think of for a degenerating game. I think most indie games shamelessly attach 'experimental' to their game but this is actually a game that warrants the label.

The level design is so slick in the way it can punish you for moving too aimlessly ahead and forcing you to backtrack to collect gems.


but ive got to ask you... did you make the game slowly glitch as you progressed, or is my computer just effed up or something. at one point the enemies were yellow squares. this made it a lot harder for me.

Quite fun

At first, when the tiles started to glitch, I thought it was just my eyes tricking me. Then as I picked up more gems, and noticed that even the music was started to go awry, it occurred to me that I was taking something away from the planet, hence its unstable behavior. While this was quite a neat concept, when I had almost all 27 gems, the constant flickering of the tiles were starting to hurt my eyes a bit. Perhaps if you toned down either the speed of the flickering, or kept the choice of random tiles specific to the theme of the area, it might help. Other than that, this was a very good game.

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This is all right

The gameplay is pretty solid. The world you've lain out for us is vast and fun to explore. The graphics are all nice. The puzzles are relatively intuitive and range in difficulty from simple to challenging. The sound effects are nice, outside the one that occurs when you get a crystal. It's very loud, jarring, and something about processing the data messes up all the other sound on my computer, though that last one may just be me.

I like the concept of the world you're exploring starting to deteriorate as you take the energy crystals away from it. It's cool little device. However, the graphics going insane to reflect this is a terrible idea. It looks interesting once you realize what's going on, but before that, it just seems like the game is glitching out. After it gets sever enough to clearly show that it's on purpose, it looks really bad and interferes with gameplay. The world begins to look like it's part of an NES cartridge that needs to be blown in. The constantly flickering graphics make it disorienting to look at and explore as it becomes less and less clear what is and isn't a platform. A lot of missed jumps are formed that way, and it's just a headache to look at.

Your level design is excellent. Just try to find some other way of changing the imagery that is less jarring and interferes less with gameplay.

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Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2010
11:40 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other