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Finish the game with at least 24 gems.

SECRETS, PART 1 25 Points

Find the first secret area.

ADDICTED 50 Points

Finish the game with all 27 gems.

SECRETS, PART 2 50 Points

Find the second secret area.

THOROUGH 50 Points

Finish the game with a complete map.

SECRETS, PART 3 100 Points

Find all three secret areas.

Author Comments

LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys walk around.
JUMP by pressing UP, Z, SHIFT or the SPACEBAR.
M opens the MAP and the MENU.

Press M to open the map, or click on the icon in the corner of the screen!
At the map, you can Warp to the last marker you touched, Return to your spaceship, Start the game over from the very beginning, or mute and unmute the game.
Press M or click the icon again to exit the map.

The game is saved automatically ever time you touch a marker or collect a gem! Come back and you'll start where you left off.

Game by ANNA ANTHROPY http://www.auntiepixelante.com
Music by AMON26 http://amon26.site11.com
Full credits are in the game.



i was so close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i almost found alllllllllllllll theee cristals!!!!!! it was al in joyable but i died to many times so screw this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

filled with bugs

it is enjoyable, but, BUT, it has too much bugs, like TOOMUCHFREAKINBUUUUGS! seriously, fix em

Exploration is key in this game

REDDER is a Metroid like game where you star as a astronaut that lands on an unknown planet looking for gems. When you start the game your spaceship lands on the surface of the planet and you have three directions to go from here. At this point on the game basically tells you "go nuts the entire planet is your playground", since basically every area is accessible through your basic abilities, aka walking and jumping, and these are the only abilities you have in this game since there are no power-ups. Instead there are pickups and they take the form of diamonds, and you need to search high in low throughout the nine zones to find them, and yes they are required to complete the game. Even though they are required you don't have to collect them all, the required amount is 24 so you could only ignore three gems if some of them are too hard to get.
Also if you found a gem it would be recorded in your map which is somewhat handy, and the reason I said that is that this is a old school map (aka NES zelda style map) it doesn't show you the terrain, but it does shows your current location, your last checkpoint, and your spaceship. Also expect a lot of backtracking if you want to figure out how to get to a certain platform.

There are many types of hazards to look out for, like the electric poles and a turrets that has unlimited bullets. There are also robots in the game that usually goes back and forth, since your astronaut is a pacifist you have to avoid them through the best of your abilities. If you suck and die to one of these hazards you re-spawn at the last checkpoint you touch, so make sure you pay attention and activate each checkpoint unless you want to walk a very long distance. There are also red and green switches that completely change the terrain, and from them they make pretty good terrain puzzles, and these puzzle can be challenging and made me scratch my head a couple of times, and the reward for solving them is either a gem or a way forward into the maze.

The atmosphere of REDDER makes you feel like your alone in the game, and the music helps add to the isolation feeling. The terrain for each room looks completely different and it gets even more interesting the further I explore the game.

//!!Spoilers from here on out! If you beat the game or are too lazy to play this game keep reading!!//

Eventually something weird happened, around half way through the game I noticed very few graphical and audio glitches. At first it might have been the fault of the developer for not fixing those bug's, but once I got very close to the 24 gem goal the terrain glitches got worse, the sound affects sometimes change, and the music got more scrambled. At that point I realized two things, one the developer did this intentionally and it was incorporated into the game, secondly; REDDER finally came out of the closet, wield out its paint brush, and yelled out "I am a art game". This fact was so well hidden it felt like I was cheated and lied too, but in a good way because I never saw it coming and it was very creative. Once I got the required gems all the glitches stopped, but there was three gems left so I went ahead and collected the rest. Around the 26th gem the glitches got very unbearable and made it very difficult to play the game properly, it also gave my cat a seizure, but once I got the last one the game surprised me yet again and completely shows REDDER as an art game. So you want to know what happens, too bad! I am not telling you! Play the game to see it yourself. I will tell you this though, lets say that the games graphics went to its lowest setting.

Overall REDDER its a very good Metroid style game, and the re-playability will last if you want to collect 100% of the gems or find all the secret rooms. Also its a good candidate for speed runners since there are a lot of ways to go through the game. Now excuse me while I figure out how this brick got under me while I was playing this game.

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An excellent mix of gameplay styles

I'll admit, at first, I had my doubts about REDDER. It seemed that it was going to be a Metroid-style game, which, though generally excellent, are very difficult to pull of successfully. As I began to delve deeper into the game, however, I discovered that it was not a Metroidesque: it was more.

It's a puzzle game, and a fascinating and ingenious one, too: you have to plan your next move carefully, or else you'll have to walk all the way back to where you started. The game world is big, VERY big, and many of the gems are quite hard to find, so I have a feeling I'll be working on this one for a while. The music and graphics both do a fantastic job of conveying a mysterious atmosphere, not unlike its inspiration. Great game!

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very well planned and executed adventure puzzler. The green/red tile economy was tricky in places that really challenged me and embarrassingly, i didn't find (or think ot look for) any secret rooms.

I'm a very big fan. And this is coming from a long-time gamer.

With elements of Solar Jetman (the mothership reminded me so much of it), Metroid VVVVVV . . . i can only imagine greater things with more time and resources this game could be a titular indie experience.

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4.22 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2010
11:40 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other