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SpeedE The WFD

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Introducing SpeedE, WFD Superhero!

Mild mannered band geek Stanley
transforms into SpeedE The WFD!
WFD stands up for the little guy...
SpeedE is on the job, battling bullies
and fighting injustice at every turn.


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Review Request Club

For a first submission, this shows a lot of promise. But at the same time, a lot of room for improvement.
The graphics in general were a little flawed at parts; during the fight scene the jock with the sleeveless jumper loses the shoulder strap, and the WFD guy loses the outline to his elbow. At the start, the background also looked somehow under-drawn, and the band-leader guy kind of jumped from being vaguely far away from Stanley to right next to him. Just a little flaw, but something that could be fixed with a second look.

The lip-sync was okay, but at the points where you had the close-up of anyone's face it was obvious that it was a little static on the animation side. However, the voices themselves were pretty good and the music/sound effects worked well...although the drums in the music you chose weren't exactly fast.

The animation again, was alright, but could have done with some improvement; when the jock does the chicken movement you can see the outline of his body stick out from his arms (Don't know how else to describe, sorry), and the nunchucks were very artificial for a weapon that's meant to be very fluid and dynamic.

In general, this has promise. I think as a first flash to NG this is better than most, but as has been said, there's places to improve. When you make another one, try and make the episode a little longer so the storyline's a little more fleshed out, and you could have yourself the making of a pretty good series; keep it up.

-Review Request Club

McAfee-Enterprises responds:

Hey Animith, thanks so much for your review and comments etc....I felt they were right and we hope to be able to do many of the things you suggested......The make it longer seems to be a common comment and I agree fully and again we really hope to in the next SpeedE episode.........For some background SpeedE started as the main character in level 5 of WFD The Game as seen and played at Worlds Fastest Gamer

Well after Addicting Games picked the game up WFD The Game produced well over 1.5 million plays in it's first 90 days and from those plays and the internet etc SpeedE started to take some legs and walk around.....:) So this is his first few steps if you will......

We really hope to make SpeedE into a series and do welcome any input or collaborative efforts/suggestion from any of you guys here on Newgrounds.......Again thanks so much and if anyone wants to help SpeedE takes a few more steps please let us know.......????


The graphics look nice, even though there where some flaws sometimes (at one point the outer line of Stanleys right elbow is missing, for example) but it's nice to look at anyway.
The animations could be a bit more fluent, but they where okay as well.

The voice acting was pretty good, even though the sound quality was a bit low. Also one of the characters that tried to bully Stanley had some static sounds on his voice, propably a bad mic, but it's annoying nevertheless.

As far as the story goes this flash is a bit confusing. Since when has the world's fastest drummer nunchucks?

Anyway, overall it's an okay flash.

{ Review Request Club }

McAfee-Enterprises responds:

Haggard, good points and we hope to correct some of those amateurish mistakes in our next one.......We really need some help in accomplishing many of these awesome suggestions so if you know of anyone up for a challenge please send them SpeedE's way.......

For those that don't know SpeedE started as a character in WFD The Game as seen at Worlds Fastest Gamer

Again thanks for the awesome ideas, input and help wanted for sure (writers, animators etc) in fleshing our little SpeedE! :)

Inconsistent drawing but I admire the effort.


I like that you submitted something other than a stick movie as your first submission.

The drawings were solid, although at times a little off, and disproportionate.
The animation was mediocre in comparison to other submissions, and sadly quite choppy.

The voice acting was well done, and the sound effects were well selected.

My main gripe with the cartoon was the story, it didn't really make sense to me... Why did he turn into a super hero drummer? it was random and out of place.
The submission was also terribly short.

I was considering giving you a seven, since it is a very good first submission, however pragmatically when I think about it it wouldn't be the right thing to do.

I do think you show immense potential, and you should continue to produce content!

- Celx
~Review Request Club~

McAfee-Enterprises responds:

Celix, thanks fro your input! With the success we have recently had with SpeedE in WFD The Game, Worlds Fastest Gamer and especially all the awesome suggestions here at Newgrounds, we are very inspired and exciting about the possibility to do a longer more involved episode of SpeedE......

I agree with your comments and we really do need someone in the creative story writing area............. Once you try to beat him in WFD The Game he makes a little more since possibly but yea we do need to build more storyline to why he transforms and more siuations etc........HELP!!!!!! :)

~Review Request Club~

The art and animation on this flash is very well done. There were points when both could have looked a little more polished, but nothing major. That being said, there needed to be more plot in this. You create a character, and then do almost nothing with him before the flash is over.

I'm not expecting a thirty minute T.V. show by any means. All I'm saying is that some of the best flash on Newgrounds has your level of artistic quality, but longer runtimes. I know it's an annoying thing to be compared to, but look at the Madness series. Do you really think it would be so popular if it were thirty seconds long? Take a little more time on the next one and include multiple plot points, as well as polish the animation a little, and I guarantee you that you score will improve. You have a lot of talent man, put it to good use.

~Review Request Club~

McAfee-Enterprises responds:

Thanks and YES! building out the plots and situation is a running suggestion here and much agreed with from our side......Thanks to all the folks who have taken the time to review SpeedE The WFD and make such awesome suggestions........

It's oblivious we are short in the writing storyline dept, so can you recommend a route here at NG we can take to find some collaborators to build upon what we have started in plots, storylines etc for SpeedE.......?


Sorry, but what was this I just watched? I know that you're trying to say the "Worlds Fastest Drummer", but quite frankly, Lars Ulrich can drum faster than the drumming you used on this piece.

The animation was good, but it's not like the title seems to reflect what actually happens within the piece itself. More work is required to flesh that out, since the piece was just too short for my liking. With how you've got it working at the moment, just try throwing a few bits and pieces in there, like actually playing drums, for example. I can play air drums and I'd even say I've graduated enough to play them by tapping my hands against a steering wheel or something similar.

You have plenty of uses for this superpower, so perhaps give us more scenarios where the World's fastest drummer would be able to help him fight injustice. There is potential, but it needs to be expanded upon first. The animation style is the best thing about it, so developing that will help you so much here.

[Review Request Club]

McAfee-Enterprises responds:

Coop83, great points! It may have helped some if we had not just thrown SpeedE The WFD out to the world without some mention that he was originally a character that grew from the whole X-Sport called Extreme Sport Drumming and World's Fastest Drummer movement........It may or may not.......?

Thanks for the encouragement on the potential side and we hope we can come up with some more scenarios that utilize SpeedE The WFD's superpowers!

Any writers needing a fun project?

Again thanks so much to all who have taken the time to make such valuable suggestions.........


Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2010
9:32 AM EST