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Re: I Hate Facebook!

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This was originally made as a reply to a Youtube video. Basically, the guy was ranting about how he hates Facebook and loves MySpace. That's pretty much all you need to know.

These characters are from the daily comic strip, "Cagin' It" found at JoeGP.com


The hell?

Little to no animation. Not sure why you made the dialogue read by guinea pigs as it had no relation to their roles at animals... In turn it just felt like you were either trying to get a cheap laugh out of making them animalistic or too lazy to animate humans.

Voice acting was par... backgrounds looked decent.

Other than that it was very basic.

Nobody likes either

Because all it does is remind us how boring our lives really are

Oh? You posted lyrics as your status SO DID EVERYONE ELSE!!!

It was a funny and current.

My favorite quote: "Well that sounds like a gaudy piece of shit"


I thought it was funny, and some people here writing reviews aren't getting it, I think . My conclusion, that i draw from it, is that Facebook and Myspace are both the same thing, pretty much, and that it's ironic that a person using one would hate the other. (which i think is what WaldFlieger was pointing out comically)
I have one of each and could really give two craps about hating either.
On a side note: Every single freaking thing in the world keeps changing.
With programs and electronics, the companies try and make them better but end up screwing something up when they make a newer version. (hence, the way myspace looks nowadays, as opposed to how it originally was, because they wanted to jump on the twitter/facebook status type setup look.
"The only thing permanent is change!"

A ha!!! I love it.

That is basically the best way to reply to someone hating one or the other. I don't use myspace because it requires too much effort to do anything, with backgrounds and all. It was fun for while, but I don't socialize on the computer enough to make it worth it. So I just keep in touch on facebook.

But me saying myspace is gay... when it's practically facebook... would just be dumb of me. Which is why this is fantastic.

Oh the dilemma!

Seriously, there's just too many of the social media website nowadays. Can't even tell why anyone would stick to one network website and create another account in another. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, LinkedIn, etc. There's just too many. Hell, the Internet has become another world where there is now a divisionary illusion and whoever is active in one website, is a citizen. Talk about segregation.

Anyways, reviewing your flash animation, could use a little more motion movements on the mouth instead of a hopping hamster. Voice acting was spectacular. I like how you put up speech bubbles instead of subtitles to give consideration to those people who has a slow PC or audio quality. Drawings are good but not the best. Keep it up! Looking forward to more of your work. :)

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Mar 9, 2010
9:32 PM EST
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