LARRY: Doug-Out

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Best Quality In Town 10 Points

Max upgrades in ale quality.

Maxed Weapons 10 Points

Max upgrades in weapons.

Bloody Doug 25 Points

Beat doug to his bloodiest.

Perfect Run 25 Points

Beat a level past day 5 without losing any ale from doug.

Endurance Master 50 Points

Last up to day 15.

Maxed Money 50 Points

Earn over $2000 in one day.

Massive Score 100 Points

Reach a score of 1 million

Author Comments

:::::: UPDATE ::::::

i have made it so anything less than 1 second of doug up time results in doug not drinking any ale. I have tested this and it seems to work. Remember, if he is REALLY fast, he will still take your ale, but if he is SLIGHTLY faster than 100% imposible *ie: doug takes too long to hit so sweeny goes down before you will even get there* he will not take ale.

:::::: WELCOME! ::::::

Play as McSweeny the Alesman of Karryon, and last as many day as you can without Doug the town drunk, sending you bankrupt!

:::::: NOTES ::::::

i KNOW it's called 'LARRY' doug-out and, there's no larry, but it's part of the series and city within the series, and to avoid confusion from other things i make, anything based in the world of Karryon will be pretitled 'LARRY'.

This is a simple game, a few months of development, it starts off a little slow but when it picks up you'd better have your mouse skills set coz it get fast. Very fast.



All around a pretty good game. Runs well enough, great graphics and style, and gameplay is pretty smooth overall. My only complaint is that there's no way (at least no obvious way) to set barrels back down. I often accidentally picked one up out of routine even though the one out front was full, with no other option but to waste an entire barrel. This should be fixed.

so in conclusion everyone enjoys the game but they are annoyed from Doug

Fucking Doug comes in when I'm pouring a drink or refilling beer. It's impossible to shit with this guy.

It Takes Forever To Slap Doug's Shit, And I Don't Have $1000 To Buy An Upgrade, And He Sips Up Beer Like A Sponge Surrounded By Syringes.

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Hard game..... There should be bodyguard hiring like Larry or someone, and a substitute forMcSwenney when he's wacking Doug..

Day 36.. Took me the whole day to beat Doug using Hammer..

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Credits & Info

3.99 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2010
5:30 PM EST
Simulation - Job

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