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a perfect life

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This is my first flash animation. I made it for a year long school project, but I decided to put more effort in it than the necessary, discovering that I liked flash.

Comments and/or advices would be greatly appreciated.


thanks for all theses reviews and this awesome score!
I will make other flashes for shure...



For your first flash, I'm really impressed of the good work you put in that video. You probably spent a lot of time on this project and you should be very proud of the final result.

I really like the last seconds of your flash...and the plot is very nice! Good idea!

Congratulation and I hope to see you soon on the flash portal...maybe "A perfect life 2" :)

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lespringatomic responds:

thanks dude.


For you're first flash i'm very impressed.

A few things though.

For one I noticed that the person is a tad disproportioned and that when he breathes his whole body swells.

I was also disappointed to see the lack of detail in the face, especially after seeing how well you drew and animated his hands.

The plot is self was not bad, though nothing very original or new. I would certainly enjoy it though.

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lespringatomic responds:

Yeah, I know for the faces...

Its because I was new to that kind of face drawing (anime - manga) and I thought it would be easier to animate.

next time I'll try something different.

For real?

your first flash? im impressed. for you first work its definatly worth 5/5 10/10. it wasnt that long but it was deep. its a good idea, maybe you can make it longer or make it into a series or story? i really like the idea and the animation itself had unique feel to it. i will defiantly be following your work from now on.

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nice first

good artwork, though u might wanna focus a bit more on faces/eyes/mouths (expressions say the most). Plot was also nice.

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Good job

I like the style of the drawings. It gives the story a more authentic feel. Like it is a personal recollection. The simple portrayal of humans wasting their lives away was only present in the last frame. I like that. Plus, the music is good.

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4.06 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2010
8:23 PM EST