Robot Wants Kitty

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This is a short 'metroidvania' platformer (just one large level). Your goal is simply to get to the kitty you see right above you, but to do that, you'll need to collect a whole lot of different powerups and blast through hundreds of aliens. Initially, you can't even jump, so you might want to find that powerup quickly. Your score is measured in time taken, with a 20 second penalty for getting killed, and a 1 second bonus for each alien you blast.

Super duper top secret keys:
0 = mute
- and + change volume
P to pause and see instructions/powerup list (or just click outside the game window)


a good ...good job

it was really good , i admit that i cant finish untill i beat the game...and later 18:34 mins i FINISHED! (idk if it's too much or not...but i DID IT!) i finally beat the game and when i finally go with the kitty i was like "YAY! :3"
gameplay 10/10
dificult 10/10
music 10/10
objetive 10/10
final screen 10/10
enemies 10/10
bossfight (i call him eyed-slime) 8/10
there's a problem with the bossfight , it's not like a bossfight , u just had to shoot and then go up to the block , then he is gone and u just had to do that , it ghets the game too much boring later 5 respawns with eyed-slime... but when i finally beat him and i got anihilate ability i was like "HEEEELL YEEAAAAAAAH!! , WHO WANT SOME OF THIS B*****Z!!!!!!" lol i know a little weird but i really said that and mah brotha saw me with lolwut face... -1
mute , pause , and volume change buttons (hotkeys) +1
u visit newgrounds and it's freakin' hard to find games with mute or pause button , even if u click everywhere the game keeps going , not on this game , even it had A CHANGE VOLUMEN BUTTON! one of the best ideas i have ever seen , the final screen gave me a freakin' big smile like :D , because i finally beat it , and in almost 20 mins...wow , for 1 lvl it's not that bad , and i cant believe u make this by urself , good job , 10/10 , 5/5 and favoritez!

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Very nice

This was an excellent game. I agree with the guy below me on difficulty and learning curves, and it was just plain fun to play. Very nice work. 10/10, 5/5.

kitty get

its great, simply great

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great game! music - so fun and nuts! A had a lot of fun playing this game.
And most of all..... the picture in the end KICKASS!!!!

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24 minutes and 57 seconds of my life wasted and i love it. newgrounds rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4.35 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2010
12:21 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle