Robot Wants Kitty

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This is a short 'metroidvania' platformer (just one large level). Your goal is simply to get to the kitty you see right above you, but to do that, you'll need to collect a whole lot of different powerups and blast through hundreds of aliens. Initially, you can't even jump, so you might want to find that powerup quickly. Your score is measured in time taken, with a 20 second penalty for getting killed, and a 1 second bonus for each alien you blast.

Super duper top secret keys:
0 = mute
- and + change volume
P to pause and see instructions/powerup list (or just click outside the game window)



It's pretty original to have to earn the moves you use. Wish there were more levels.

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great game !!

I must say this game was addicting, the graphic were great for this type of game. The quality that i favored the most was the whole gaining ability's idea. If you have time making a part 2 of the game would be great.

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Where's the achievement?

For beating the game under a damn hour!?! Huh!?!

41:23... OMG...

10/10 Loved it...

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Platformer that gets more advanced as you progress

The past 23 minutes and 19 seconds of my time were not wasted.
The charming graphics look like one of those megabyte-sized games you used to get on a floppy disk with computer magazines back in the day. The music is quite simple but still really has an authentic retro feel.
The gameplay is fun and the controls work except for the ZXC setup which did cause me some confusion about what button to hit a few times, making me rocket straight into a bunch of aliens a few times. What really is fascinating about this game is how you start off with nothing at all, only the ability to move, and then proceed to pick up ability after ability making the game more and more complicated. Unfortunately this game is a tad short and I would have loved to see longer passages between the power-ups so that you really get a feel of how the game is right that moment before you get another ability to play with. Conclusively the upgrading moment wasn't flawless and I really could see this game with more abilities, more advanced levels and yes, more levels. Gaining more abilities is a satisfying experience anyways, which is why it's a shame to have to let it go after only twenty minutes.
Another disappointment was the ending where we didn't even get to see the robot grab the cat. As you approached it you the game ended and you were thrown into an ending screen. Perhaps a congratulation or a list of the best times for the day, week, month and all time could make this better?

Still, keep it up and I would love to see more of this game, especially if it's a bit longer and has even more abilities for our cute, kitten-loving robot to conquer!

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Interesting little game.

I can see why some people were saying that this game wasn't that hard, but that's probably because they weren't taking a low-carnage route. I managed to win by killing only ten enemies (and I'm sure that's not the most efficient number possible, too). This thing would be so much more amazing with a low-ammo mode.

Also, the game can be beaten without the super blaster. Perhaps you should make it necessary in later versions (which you will be making, right?), so that little side-quest won't feel like a waste of time.

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4.35 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2010
12:21 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle