Objectionable Apparatus 3

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Strange cyberpunk movies...
Warning: the movie contains objectionable scenes!

In grayish mists, the slimy beasts,
The vokras can be found.
They slowly float, they slowly drift
Above the sopping ground.

They slowly feed on rotten weed,
Extending limbs to earth,
They slowly mate, they slowly breed,
To new ones giving birth.

They slowly, decently converse
Of happiness and vice,
They hunt for frogs and slide them in
The buccal orifice.

In grayish mists, the slimy beasts,
The vokras hunt for frogs.
They're worming their pliant limbs
Through heaps of rotten logs.

Away from people's noisy feasts,
Away from light and sound,
In grayish mists, the slimy beasts,
The vokras can be found.


F**king Russians LOL!

I've been a fan for awhile now, and it's good to see you're back...but...Overall I didn't much care for the flash. Perhaps I took the poem a bit too literally, as I thought it was gonna be a flash about odd little creatures (you probably just meant maggots though). Good design, but for us non-russian speaking people, this didn't make much sense (other than super computer integrated modernism I guess).

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The poetry is lame. Minus 3

good, but

the 2nd one is still my favorite

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Definitely had that indie feel.

It was Russian, and I'm fairly certain that it's the Russian translation of the poem at the end and in the description.

It was quite good, had that post-modern + cyberpunk feel, that pan did seem to go on for a little too long, it went with the words, but it probably would have been a little better to do some change up on the scene while that was being spoken.

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It was pretty interesting. Really liked the transitions, colours, smoothness... AND IT HAD BOOBS.

The still (slowly panning) scene with the '100%' dragged on far too long, but maybe it's because I couldn't understand the voice. If it was in a different language, or I'm deaf, then nevermind. I started trying to click things to see if anything would happen even.

Overall I think it's very good though.

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3.97 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2010
5:07 AM EST