Objectionable Apparatus 3

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Strange cyberpunk movies...
Warning: the movie contains objectionable scenes!

In grayish mists, the slimy beasts,
The vokras can be found.
They slowly float, they slowly drift
Above the sopping ground.

They slowly feed on rotten weed,
Extending limbs to earth,
They slowly mate, they slowly breed,
To new ones giving birth.

They slowly, decently converse
Of happiness and vice,
They hunt for frogs and slide them in
The buccal orifice.

In grayish mists, the slimy beasts,
The vokras hunt for frogs.
They're worming their pliant limbs
Through heaps of rotten logs.

Away from people's noisy feasts,
Away from light and sound,
In grayish mists, the slimy beasts,
The vokras can be found.


deranged...but, in a good way

eye dont no weather ewe r regressing oar progressing, but yur moving awae frum whut is sew grate abowt yor work: the shear vizhual rayp forsed on the mynde. yor furst OA was astonishing, manely becaus yor koncepts wir portrayed threw the yooneek animashun stile. this iss stil gud, just in a les striking waye.

It hurts to think now

Much like the last OA video, the whole thing seems deeper than I can think right now. Somehow that makes it even more fun and interesting to watch and listen. The poem was only more confusing and fascinating. I love your work but more than that, I would love to know the artist's views and meanings. Until then, keep it up, this could make a mind-altering trilogy of WTF!

crazy stuff

great visuals and great concept!!!

e nada mal

a arte a e musica e bem feita mas e nao entedi nada desta bagassa saca

I prefer your earlier work

In focusing on the poem so much, with often static backgrounds, I didn't feel like the world was as deeply developed. The poem seems to be loosely inspired by The Jabberwocky, which is pretty cool. I love your style, but, like I said, the focus seemed less on the visuals here.

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3.97 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2010
5:07 AM EST