Objectionable Apparatus 3

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Strange cyberpunk movies...
Warning: the movie contains objectionable scenes!

In grayish mists, the slimy beasts,
The vokras can be found.
They slowly float, they slowly drift
Above the sopping ground.

They slowly feed on rotten weed,
Extending limbs to earth,
They slowly mate, they slowly breed,
To new ones giving birth.

They slowly, decently converse
Of happiness and vice,
They hunt for frogs and slide them in
The buccal orifice.

In grayish mists, the slimy beasts,
The vokras hunt for frogs.
They're worming their pliant limbs
Through heaps of rotten logs.

Away from people's noisy feasts,
Away from light and sound,
In grayish mists, the slimy beasts,
The vokras can be found.


Strange as always.

Again strange and somewhat against mass media from what all of them seem to be. I guess the objectionable apparatus is the TV? Or the mass media itself? Something about how it seems to consume us? Our humanity and social interaction? And how they feed upon us not caring the result? At least that was what I got from the three animations i saw. They are all good but a bit too out there to be considered suitable for everybody. Congrats on the works they are very well animated and quite artistical, not for the casual person though. If I may be so bold, keep doing them and maybe you'll come to something quite refined and shocking but in a more subtle way. Or maybe not and just maintain the movies sort of objectionable due to their visual content. Both options are very interesting.

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its soOo weird...'

i love it..! great job..again.!^^

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Shit brix!

Has a since of some antidisestablishmentarianism of the media. Great job, vary artistic!

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Twisty Kol twisted it around again. Great thing.


The poem made it REALLY creepy. At first I thought the loading menu was rather uncreative but after watching the video it made me realize that you can somehow base a movie...on a loading screen. AWESOME :D

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3.97 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2010
5:07 AM EST