Objectionable Apparatus 3

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Strange cyberpunk movies...
Warning: the movie contains objectionable scenes!

In grayish mists, the slimy beasts,
The vokras can be found.
They slowly float, they slowly drift
Above the sopping ground.

They slowly feed on rotten weed,
Extending limbs to earth,
They slowly mate, they slowly breed,
To new ones giving birth.

They slowly, decently converse
Of happiness and vice,
They hunt for frogs and slide them in
The buccal orifice.

In grayish mists, the slimy beasts,
The vokras hunt for frogs.
They're worming their pliant limbs
Through heaps of rotten logs.

Away from people's noisy feasts,
Away from light and sound,
In grayish mists, the slimy beasts,
The vokras can be found.


whoa...i like

this is really cool. although i like objectional apparatus 2 better. this lacked a kind of story but it was still cool. i think u have a really cool art style, very unique. and i love how everything is black, white and yellow. please make a 4th one but with more of a story to it. by the way, was that voice saying the poem in russian????


I'm pretty sure that was Tali's voice from Mass Effect..


I liked the poem, the art, and nothing else.

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just weird and kinda anoying. the only good thing in the movie was the boobs

Great Animation

I love your animation style. Has a comic book feel to it an all that. Were it for just animation I'd give you a 10 but the poem was a lil too long and although the poem is translated later, I guess I would prefer maybe having subtitles while it's being said so I don't have to just look at the mangled lady while wondering which part of the poem you're on.

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3.97 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2010
5:07 AM EST