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yeah, so these are some of the left over or unfinished scraps from a few of the current animations I'm working on. I suppose this is technically my first submission and some of my very first animation, though it's not really a finished work. I guess the only real reason I'm submitting it is so that I can have SOMETHING submitted by now. It's literally only 15 seconds or so , no preloader, music or color. Still though, I hope you can derive some enjoyment from it. This actually took me a several hours in total because most of the frames are individually drawn (with a mouse) and I'm new at this. Anyway, tips from experienced animators would be appreciated (tips about anything really).

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Nice art!

Your art is impressive, especially the explosion one! Why don't you try to add some colors in?

axl-ryder responds:

I appreciate that. That explosion did take a while to make.

Hi there

Fantastic Art

You've got real great talent

axl-ryder responds:



this is actually really good, if you just finished some of them :)

axl-ryder responds:

haha, I'll work on that.

I suppose...

... its just about good enough art/animation to keep, despite not being anything really. You obviously have great potential and I look forward to seeing proper complete work from you in due course, with sound, colour, length and a plot that shows PERSONALITY, which will make us care about the characters, not just action.

Then you can delete this scrap that doesn't really belong here!

Until then, good luck, keep working!

axl-ryder responds:

you're absolutely right, and when I submit the real thing I'll probably delete this, but for now I just wanted to have something for people to click on if they happen to view my account. Thanks for the critique.

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Mar 8, 2010
4:33 AM EST