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Stick Slayer Episode 7

rated 4.14 / 5 stars
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May 28, 2002 | 6:17 AM EDT
  • Weekly Users' Choice May 29, 2002
  • Daily Feature May 29, 2002

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Author Comments

The people who hate me will probably actually like this one.

After drawing the Stick Slayer 476 times for this cartoon, I shall not be drawing him any more for awhile.
Mike and Andy Parker



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This is my first review of a movie the Fulp bros. had a hand in.
There is a bit of imagery in this I might stick in my Flash material. I don't mean copy it. What I mean is, re-draw my own urban landscapes to look a little like what you see in this. You also have some nice camera angles.
This series is basically a rumpus of good ol' comic book-style fighting. I tend to stay away from that in my own art, seeing as how I have a fetish for nuances. Great gunfights in movies? Clint Eastwood westerns are good models. But I guess the joke here is it's stick figures (pretty obvious, right?).
I have seen 2 kinds of stick films on NG. The 1st (which this spoofs) are those where the artist was too preoccupied to draw real characters. The 2nd are cases where a kid with real writer's talent (and no art talent) tried to make a movie, anyhow. I respect the latter. The only reason I don't tear the former to shreds (lazy artists) is because they could do worse. Cut'n'paste Flash's set to Euro techno music drive me up freakin' wall.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars



Incredible,amazing,I love it,the cameos the humor! This is what I wanted to see you do the whole time. I rarely ever use explanationpoints in my reviews,but this is incredible,and the cameos!
--------------------- -----------------------------

-The Cameos From Best Least Best-

Nothing is the worst! I don't want to insult any of the animators who made these charecters,and I just want to let you know I love all your' charecters and there styles. Keep in mind this was realy close and hard to decide.

1. Parks (College University)

2. Pico (Pico)

3. Stick Slayer Says A "All Your' Base Are Belong To Us" Thing. (All Your' Base Are Belong To Us)

4. Clock Crew (Clock Crew)

5. Robber Guy (I Have no idea)
----------------------- ---------------------------

-Let Me Go On-

I'm so happy you finnaly made a good plot! The animation is incredible and pretty much the rest of the effort. I also like alot of the things they say in this. Like parks knocking over gas tanks and saying
"What the hell is this soposed to acomplish?". Wait a minute,how the hell did you get the creator of "College University" involved with this? If he's a fan of sick slayer so am I! Even thhought I'm still pissed with "Eskimo Bob" dieing in episode four. Don't worry everyone some animators saved there' creatoins. If you look "Behinde The Scenes"
like I did becase I was there with my "Robotic Eskimo" charecters wacthing from a distance. Well the "Robber Guy" dies for real. When parks said "We're All Going To Die!" that was actualy a activation code for invincability recoveration and it turns off, andwhen he says "Beer" it is disactivated. Wait I just got behinde the scenes of "Stick Slayer Episode four" and after
"Eskimo Bob" is eaten,at the end of the episode "Eskimo Bob" shoots a hk-a-sa-ka-na in his stomach and it rips opens and the original "Stick Slayer" dies. Than a back up copy of the "Stick Slayer" is activated in a almost exact likenes of stick slayer. Why do you think the old "Stick Slayer"s' hiar was red and the new one is dirty blonde? This "Flash" movie must have taken a year to make,incredible effort. Oh yeah and only the fake clocks die,the real ones are five times stronger than "Stick Slayer" so they survive. Also there are asome battle scenes.
Bravo,finnaly great work from you! I almost forgot,Tom and Wade blasted the stick figures that attacked Pico with there extreamly high "Newgrounds" power levels,ten and sixteen to be exact. The ending was wrong! "Stick Slayer" "Flash" movies not "Just Stick Movies" there the best Anti-Stick "Flash movies ever! I say make this your' last one I mean I has to be for these reasons.
-------------------- ------------------------------
-Resons This Should Be Your' Last "Stick Slayer" "Flash" Movies-

1. He destroyed the stick king.

2. It was the greatest and ultiment fight.

3. He sacraficed his own life to destroy all the sticks.

4. If you never make a good one like this again you'll be remembered as nothing.
-------------------- ------------------------------
-Adding On To Reson Four-

I mean think about it,you'r a GOD in the eyes of all flash animators. And I ralely ever use all capitol letters with one word. Make this your' last please,don't make another episode and call it your' last becase it would suck without the cameos you put in this one.
---------------------------- ----------------------
-Let Me Go On-

Basicly,this is one of the best flash movies I have ever Seen. I have wacthed this over onehundred times before I got slightly board of it. You go work on
"Power Of The Geek" some more,ok? Before I end this review I want to say agian,this was asome. Thanx so much for putting so much time into it. Wow,my longest review ever. Yay.


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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

t'was dope

yeah that was a bastich of a movie. quite simply, it rocked. i am i fan of some stick movies like Xiao Xiao but even tho its an anti-stick movie it was good. the fact that this movie is like a convergance of all NG stuff made it even better we had Pico, AYBABTU, and the power of the portal. no doubt this will become a NG calssic of the future.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nothing short of Amazing

I wish I had Flash...


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very good.

The last guy to review this is clearly to stupid to spell humorous correctly.

This movie is humorous.