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Vandread Love Quest

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Simulation - Dating

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Mar 7, 2010 | 9:55 AM EST
  • Daily 4th Place March 8, 2010

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Author Comments

UPDATE 2014!

If you like this, and want to have a inside look at hentai games and art I am working on check out this link

feel free to also check out other stuff I am working on on my website:

I'll will be uploading more stuff soon to be sure to follow me on newgrounds if you have not already.


04/16/10: submitted a ending version fix

the game is large, the preloader kicks in after it has loaded a bit. give it time to load.

This is a hentai date sim based off the anime Vandread.
This is not your generic sim, it contains scrolling shooter combat, old school arcade fighting, poker, several date minigames, and more. This game was originally started by Overdrawn and completed later by me.. much later XD


-HP can be recovered by sleeping in your prison cell or by eating.

-HP can be increased by buying Taarak Pills from "Rabat's Shop" then sleeping afterwards.

-Relationship level and experience can be read by buying a Aura Scope from Rabat's Shop.
Both of these items are lying on the table.

-Multiple pills can be purchased.

-Dates can be accessed by taking to the various girls with relationship level 4+

-Giving them items is the most effective way to raise relationship experience at level 3

-the game ends at day 100

-not all bugs are out but some are intentionally left in



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I have a lot of complaint, if somehow you WOULD read this Vortex, madpol, or any of the game developers and EVERYBODY who read this, please don't be upset, okay?
I'm just spillin' my thought
I rarely wrote reviews this long before, but this game is kind of special.
So, Imma begin
1). Are there only 3 kinds of conversation with each girl or are there some more additional topic hidden? Either way, it's very dull.
Very very dull indeed.
2). The lewd scenes, in the spaceship and the after-date for EVERY GIRL is THE SAME.
Can't you put each girl sexting scenes different other than the dialogue?
(Not to mention all of the girls share the same voice actress, but oh well, let's leave the voice part. It's better than no voice actress at all)
Lost all the motivation to replay the game after I knew that.
3). I gave a Something-Crystal Ecanter to Meia, and she says "You just gave me this, you know" even though it is around 15 days ago I gave her that.
Really depressing, cuz' that would mean I have to use the gifts she like at the very important moment, like a date
(Cuz' you know, the girl don't want the same gift twice, no matter if you gave her the gift 90 days ago. While her favorite gift is, well, only a few. That means limited dating. See ma' mean?)
(Sorry if I'm wrong about that, but I've tried to give her different gifts before I gave her the Crystal Ecanter again. But I'm still not 100% positive)
4). For mysake, needs an autosave feature
5). ADD DIFFICULTY! Can't I please choose whether I want 50 days, 100 days, or 1000 days?
I can't complete the game in 100 days in first try
(Yeah, I'm a noob, both IRL and games I admit :P)
(And please state the days fact CLEARLY IN THE GAME DUDE! I didn't realize I waste valuable days until I read "author comments")
6). I like the Stay-interested-and-keep-your gaze-to-her-eyes thingy. But da*mn, If I refuse to give her a gift, can't you give me a second chance to win a date?
Like, keep talking, taking pictures, complimentin' and such, like every datin' games on Newgrounds.
Executin' me right away when I don't have the right gift is kind of brutal.
And somewhat unforgivable
7). Needs a mute button in the lewd scenes
8). Needs more cheats
9). Needs more adventurous adventure
10). I don't need to raise a particular stat for a particular girl
I just need to know it so I can answer the correct answer in case she asks.
And that is shocking. In the bad way, I guess
(Unless I'm wrong, but da*mn, no hint that Meia likes my muscle, she only likes it if I kick her ar*se in a fight. Regardless of my power)
11). When I drain all of Gascogne money and got her undressed (in the strip poker), can't I have lewd scenes with her? I'm very da*mn disappointed when I know I only can stare at a drawing of a naked women. Unfappable, for me, at least
12). Sh*its got real when me and my girl go on a spacewalk for a date.
No bloody chance I can answer all her size right unless I look into some kind of a walkthrough.
Unless if I'm too bloody serious to write all her information on a paper. Which is, almost impossible to happen
(I know I'm not totally screwed when I failed to do that, but still, bad feature)
13). I want some secrets, easter eggs, bonuses, extras! (In case I miss all of them, sorry!)
14). I want to launch my Vanguard at some random times for random trainings.
I want to upgrade it too, or something like that, I feel bad to force it to just sit his ar*se tight, waiting for a battle.
15). The game is too serious to play.
I just want to relax and sh*it, not to crush my brain with curiousity to see all the secret that, maaaaaybee slipped inside the game.
Make it a lil' bit easier, man. I don't want to read-and-scroll through 75 pages of comment and a few threads and spoil the game just to find one bloody hell of a cheat that doesn't really help, to find the same da*mn se*x scenes with only different dialogues.
Much wow.
Very disappointing.
Very very disappointing.
If I want to fap or something, I rather watch hentai, I guess
16). Do I have to watch the anime to fully grasp the story and the characters feeling development?
I didn't blame anyone
It's just, a question. And a complaint too, perhaps
That's all, if you read all of them, thanks.
And sorry I gotta bit*ch that much, can't hold it
If I'm wrong at my complaint, or kind of missing some clues, sorry.
I didn't bother to play the game again and look for some answers.
No offense intended to the developers
No offense intended to you

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Vortex00 responds:

this game was made 5 years ago, great for the year it was created in, and I don't plan to update it further.

I feel like I should clarify. It is not perfect, but I think literally everything on your list you view as a defect was designed to be that way in the game. From the shared sex animations, to only being able to gift a specific item to a girl only once, the dialogue options you view as lacking, not having a sex animation for gasgone, etc. Even still, I'd ultimately rather just leave the game the way it is for several reasons.

none of these things I view as disappointing or in need of fixing else I would have fixed it 5 years ago. Like I said, not perfect, mostly anything can be made better, but this is at least working as designed. So for that reason, if you feel that way then I don't think you will like any of my other games. and I would suggest you go find something you DO like from a different artist.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Another great game. What does the code do for this one though. After I earned it and clicked submit nothing happened. Is this a bug or what? Either way super fun game and I ended up playing it twice. Great scenes as always you are probably the best XXX game maker if only because your games are all something different.

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Vortex00 responds:

Thanks the password for this unlocks money and nude mode I believe. maybe a few other things also.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Every time one of the girls gets to level 4 and you go into their room they're invisible but other than that great game

Vortex00 responds:

I'm sure there are some bugs in the game, it was a bit overwhelming to make at the time I made it.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good game which the anime was like that

Vortex00 responds:

The anime was called Vandread I think.
It's been a while.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A good game, even though the dialogue and the dating system is a bit too repetitive. Is the voice used in the lewd scenes yours?

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Vortex00 responds:

Thanks, also the voice is Nakoruru