Who is Ricky Brown ?

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If you don't know Who Ricky Brown is yet you will soon.....or not....


Now that it's all basically over-

And by that I mean, everyone has said their peace, I will say how I feel about the flash and myself ;)

The flash is good. It looks complete. Even if the backgrounds are stolen. Better than having no background, and much better than having half assed crappy backgrounds, unless that is part of the humor.

Each of your characters are different and drawn and colored well, and I'm very happy that the Home Star Runner made a cameo in the beginning. I love him ;) I think you have a great funny bone, and good taste in humor.

As for my voice: I agree with what everyone had to say, even those who say I did good with the king of the hill voices and I left something to be desired. I feel the exact same every time I listen to this.

I did a shitty job. The fact is, this was a demo shitty demo reel, I say that ;)
When it gets heard, people should bare that in mind, and see how I imagined shitty things being. The fact that I mentioned I'm not known by anybody, the fact that I voiced women, the fact that I had not the best mic in the world to do it all. I was just being unafraid; I was willing to share my silly attempt at voice acting.

There is something to be said about the lack of ability I showcased in the reel, but then again why? Isn't it more important to "make do" with what you have while you have it, not just as an actor or comedian, but as an artist, and to never shy away from the chance to use your ability?

Yes I didn't voice the women well, and yes I only said one thing as Hank, and Yes Boomhower would never say I was a dang old kid with a 12 inch penis
But the women voices are exactly how the cast of Kids In The Hall did their stuff, and the Hank Hill sounds like Hank, even though I have hardly the ability, and that was just about the only line I can say as Hank, and I do have a 12 inch penis.

The point of my rant rests in the motto of Newgrounds: EVERYTHING by everyone.

Thank you Angela for picking my voice, for whatever reason you did, to make a flash with. I can't wait to see whatever it is you will reveal next.

PS The guy is serving me pizza, but I also cut him off and say justice. WTF!

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angiDGL responds:

yeah, I used stock backgrounds because I didn't want to make half assed one's, or have no background.

I think part of the humor was how you voiced the women also.

I made this into a cartoon because it felt like it should have been. the first time I heard the reel I pictured each scene in my head.

Don't be shocked if I use another one of your reels. ;)


I rounded to 100%. ^^
Your drawing quality improved A LOT, which can only mean you know flash better now, as you always had talent and knew how to drawn anyway... It also seems you got more patience on you movies and putted tons of "clock ticks" on that... I guess I can see the result of every minute employed.

But well, I can hear several voices of cool or weird men without breaking myself into two, but these HALF women voices really removed my balls with a small pinch and toe nails...

Though, RB got some creative history there and his voice is not bad at all. His voice was even interesting, in a more serious way, sometimes. But this male trying to sound like female make me feel like... Shit, can't even describe but it's not good.

By the way: sorry for my crappy Portuguese syntax under English. I guess it made you don't read one or another big message to the end as I am used to type too much in a strange way...

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Heres your review, asshole. :P

Personally I think that all the voices sound alike. The girls dont sound like girls, they sound like the voice of someone try to sound like a girl. There is also this annoying white noise in the background but your new AT2020 microphone should solve that problem!

Try messing around with your voice and making it sound different ways. Practice in front of a mirror, after making sure no one is around to hear you to avoid embarrassment. I think you did a decent job at sounding like boomhower hehe.

angiDGL responds:

c'mon, they didn't all sound alike. cut Ricky some slack.

yeah yeah

good art stylized and smooth.
also the lip sync was really good.
funny as well.

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Who is who?

~ Animation/Graphics ~

I would have suggested not using real pictures. They aren't that bad in this submission, but they also take away from the overall production a little bit. I love the animation that you had though and I love most of your graphics. There were a few people who could have been drawn better such as the people from King of the Hill.

~ Story/Content ~

I thought you did a really good job here making the scenes come alive. I liked how everything flowed and it was actually pretty funny. There really wasn't much to comment on about the content since it was based off of someones audio.

~ Audio ~

The voices were pretty good. The King of the Hill voices could have been better, but it really wasn't too bad. I liked almost all of the voices and Ricky Brown there did a good job on adding a lot of humor to it. Especially the last scene made me laugh a bit with the whole, "Ricky Brown is my mom" bit.

~ Overall ~

Great audio and the graphics can improve slightly.

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angiDGL responds:

Thanks for the in depth review, I'll take your advice for future projects.

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