Dango Pwned

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I'm only 9 years old



this really needed to be longer and have more events going on in it. i thought it would be this whole big epic thing,and what i find is this 5 second video that had a dango die. and seriously,don't give your age away online. thar be trollers about.

not too bad for your age

well i think you took a big step sense this video and your going to be big someday
dont mind spac3case916 he is just to dumb to understand your to young to be a amazing flash artiest for your age this is good i hope all the luck to you and please keep going!!!


Ive seen youre newest flash, i think youve made a big step :D keep on going man you'll be a great "flesher" one day maybe!


this was very uneventful.
and the animation was shoddy at best.
maybe..... try to keep your colors consistent atleast.
use the eye drop tool if you are having trouble
and no one cares that you are 9.


I really need to make one thing straight, don't reveal your age right away in the commentary. Not that I will be mean or all internet-troll like to you, but usually when you do that, it can only lead to no change, or more internet trolls. I'm sorry, but that's just the way people work I guess. :P

As for the video itself, I like the fact that you took your time to color the characters. Cause some people really don't even do that. The plot was OK I guess, but maybe make it a little bit more... I dunno, hysterical? Like maybe you could make a little bit better timing and more FPS.

So yah, keep it up. :)

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Mar 7, 2010
7:38 AM EST
Comedy - Original