Season of War

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March 9th
Thank you Tom for the Frontpage!
March 8th.
Daily winner! Wow! Thanks to everybody.
We'll do our best to continue this way and following your suggestions we'll do even better.
Stay tuned and follow us: new games are coming :-D
Thanks a lot!
Hi Guys. We worked hard to create our first RTS, trying to give you a flash version of the old style fantasy Real-Time-Strategy titles for PC like Warcraft.
Our "Season of War" is a RTS that makes you play the prequel story of our game "Methus Tower Defence".
You may choose the faction to guide into the war campaign:
King Dionisus I human alliance under the command of the Prince Alexander VIII
or the Dark Lord's orc forces led by the necromancer Methus Kardec.
You'll decide who will write the book of history.

- Real time strategy war game with fantasy mood
- Dual mode: choose your army between Humans and Orcs
- Each army has 6 buildings, 6 troops and multiple upgrades
- 7 different battles for both stories (14 game levels)
- Neutral buildings/troops for extra-resources
- pseudo-random generated Battlefield maps
- Easy controls based on Left mouse button only
- Troops multi-selection for customize battle-squads
- All-on-screen HUD from interactive map to single unit control
- Special powers & magic spells
- Dynamic particles for hits, blood, explosions
- In-game tutorial and quality options
- Automatic savegame at the end of each battle
- Original soundtracks and sound fx
- All 3D modeled & fully animated graphics

Choose your side. Win all 7 battles to complete the war campaign and read how the story ends.
To win each battle you shall destroy all enemies Headquarters (main outpost building) before the enemy destroys your ones.

You may start playing simply following the in-game TUTORIAL.
But we suggest you to carefully read the INSTRUCTIONS to learn all tricks, shortcuts and advanced controls.
Instructions are available on
http://www.crazymonkeygam es.com/guide/Season-of-Wa r/?gameref=season-of-war
(without spaces)


Good, but could get much better

A great attempt that needs work.

1. The gameplay is too slow
Building- and Recruitingtimes are just fine, but all units move to slow; it felt like years, when I finally reached my enemy!

2. There are severe balance issues
The Repair-rate of buildings is way too fast (yours and the enemy's); since all units move so slow, spear-men and other short-distance-units were mostly useless; recruiting an army of archers brought me through most of the levels (those poor bastards just couldn't outrun them)

3. Controls are uncomfortable
It happens to often, that I click unintended onto the minimap, causing the camera to jump to a random position;
units should have auto-attack, even if they are not in holdposition. Engaging an enemy, just to see some guy walking right though them to my base, because my orcs wouldn't attack him even if he stands next to them is quit...frustrating.

Xplored responds:

From what you say the game goes probably slower than what we wanted ..on your PC. Regarding the autoattack, please read my reply below to Snipper64. Troops auto-react to nearby enemies when they are not selected (otherwise they wait for your order).


a great atempt, much better then most types of games like this I play. However I must say the biggest problem was controlling my units.

I did know how to group them, make them hold, how to attack but ran into many problems when I left them alone.

1. if they are near my base, and the enemey raids it, many of them don't auto attack and get slaughtered.

2. I have a army attack their hq and I look away for a sec and come back to see my archers atttacking the base by them selves getting slughtered from their knights, and my warriors are NOW off on the other side of the map attacking a random running guy I did not target.

3. you can make formations, but hard to keep warriors on front lines, and archers in the back.

I got alot more problems with it, but then again I quited at level 2 because of them. but you put massive work in this one, so good job. just get it better next time if there is another.

Xplored responds:

I suggest you to carefully read instructions and better understands both basic and advanced controls.
Your troops react when they are attacked and sometimes it could happen they follow the engaged enemies far from your base.
Just use the important "H" keyboard command to order them "Hold Position". This way your troops attack the near enemies but stay around their original guard area ;-)
But...IMPORTANT: if you have a troop selected..they wait for your command and they do not counterattack, so if you are under attack in this case, command to attack or deselect them in order to let them react by their own.

Very good game!!

Why don't you make a sequel withmore battles,more buildings and troops and stuff!!

Xplored responds:

I take it as a compliment!
Shouldyou guys confirm that you like it with an high vote... well we'll do for sure a sequel with all that stuff!!!
Thanks for the 10!

Crazy fun,

Good stuff im really enjoying it so far, probably one of the most complex RTS ive seen in flash (then again i dont normally play flash games) Reminded me of Age Of Empires, good work!

Xplored responds:

The best satisfaction is when you guys understand our inspiration and goal.
Thanks for the 10!


good game, terribly unintuitive controls. more than once I lost my base because my army of dudes was off roaming the opposite side of the map without my say so.

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Xplored responds:

Your dudes react when they are attacked and sometimes it could happen they follow the engaged enemies far from your base.
Just use the important "H" keyboard command to order them "Hold Position". This way your troops attack the near enemies but stay around their original guard area ;-)

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3.55 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2010
6:21 AM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)