A Gamer Torn

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Hey all. Made this in about ten hours out of pure boredom and gamer love. Enjoy!

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"You shouldn't have done that..."

This is good. I mean... genuinely good. I mean... "I'm surprised you haven't taken time off machinima to make more short flash animations instead for the time being" good. I'd love a short series of these. Your first series of Arby 'n Chief was great because of their opinions of games and the humour coming from Chief, I'd love it if the comedy from that series (before you added "drama") was incorporated into your animations. For your first attempt as well this is actually kick-ass. Anyway. I have no idea if you're gonna read these reviews because you're too busy with the current series of Arby 'n Chief, but if you do, take on our praise.
I liked the art. It was simplistic in its design and given the concept of the video, I thought it was all the better for it. Voice acting was, as usual, sweet.
Seriously, make more of these.


Pretty good.

The animation quality can be whatever in wants (besides shitty beyond belief) and still make a good video, all you need is a decent concept, and good voice acting...
I've never been too much of an art critic, but voice acting I believe should be done well, and I believe that it was, and now all of the sudden I want to play Zelda and watch One life remaining... God the choices...
And I knew I'd find either DigitalVirus or Spearhead on here.

this is sweet!

reminds me of the simple yet awesome flashmations from early newgrounds, like pico. this is sweet. nice job!


Even though the animation was so simple. You delivered it in a funny comedic way. I especially enjoyed when he said "You are a fuck."

Seriously parts like that make me laugh. And I'm sure it makes other people laugh too.


Really enjoyed this, and the animation was good enough that I watched it more than once. Well done, look forward to possibly seeing more!

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4.59 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2010
5:07 AM EST
Comedy - Parody