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Staying Home.

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This is an experimental short based on the man under our desks.

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Lovely use of audio again.

I thought the best images used were the ones that came from your own webcam. The ones from google kind of spoilt the mood for me. What I liked with your own pictures/clips was how the light moved on them, either with it going from one side to the other with the PC clip or like bouncing with the lamp clip. They gave more to the atmosphere of the flash. Something the audio helped capture too.

As for the animation, well it was beyond basic really. You know you can do much better and while this was a very shortly done animation just over the weeked I guess the animation let it down. Maybe because the story was hard to grasp (was there a story?). So I hope if you do try something like this again in the future that you'll work on animation that will synch with your video clips.

Look forward to more.

Mechabloby responds:

As I said over MSN, though, I was just wanting to experiment with my own images, really. I wasn't trying anything serious on here, and it is really just me playing with images I have created (and two I found on google). I'm definitely interesting in doing something like this again in the future, but of course, with better animation.

omg u suk balz

I see

It's very artistic. I like the plot and how everything is abstract in shape. The way the photographs were used were unique and unlike anything I've seen. I like it. :)

Mechabloby responds:

thanks, I'm glad that you enjoyed it :)

:D :D

Awesome as always Mech, for a short - still good. . aaaaand you used mah song <3! I'd give you 9000 out of 10 (no pun intended :D) Great job. Thanks a bunch.

Mechabloby responds:

Not a problem! I loved this piece and I've been listening to it ever since I downloaded it! :D

pretty good

could use longer with more story, but i liked what i saw

Mechabloby responds:

Thanks. I agree that the plot isn't the greatest: it was conjured up as I went along with what I was animating. Still, thanks for the review :]

B for trying something new

B for trying something new
nice soundtrack, very fitting

Mechabloby responds:

thank you :)