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Oops forgot to update this, but Raze won the 2010 Flash shooter of the year, yay!
Sequel coming soon, check Juice-Tin.com for more info!
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Battle against Aliens, Robots, and Zombies in this futuristic fight for the survival of earth. Or be the enemies and fight for the destruction of it.

Controls in Game load screen and in "How to play" menu.

Black Screen?: If the game shows up as all black with a "Secured by.." image, just refresh the page and it should work properly.

Got Lag?: If you are experiencing lag, please change the graphics in the options, or closing any big programs you may have running, as this game is very graphically intensive. Also, if you view the game in the Popup window, it will reduce lag by a huge amount!

- Created by Justin Goncalves and Addison Rodomista


Its like Unreal Flash...

somehow... doesnt the gameplay relate kinda to Unreal flash 2007... or w.e the name is.. oh well Its still an awesome game :D
and the for guy below me.... You have that sargent AI guy w. you...all you need to do is give him the rockets and you get the other weps... and camp out in your base/building until the rounds end and make sure u have more kills then them

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damn skippy!!!! (fechno)

up unitil the save mission the game was fun, but after that it was five against 2, and your ai takes all the decent power ups a guns but is awfull, plus it takes three well aimed rocket blast to kill them, but three pistol rounds for them to kill you!.
on a lighter note u did have some brilliant ideas, and the music was great

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Great game addicting for me

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5 out of 5


Sweet! The only thing is the lag when projectiles angle are calculated. Or so it seems. Maybe try to tweak the code a little to run faster? Maybe the lag was just my computer, but it seemed when the projectiles were being created that it lagged pretty good, when we only were shooting pistols it seemed fine. its kick ass tho

Love it

I love games like this! It reminded me a lot of Smilies War...only this was better.
-Pros: This game has great weapon, skin, and level variety. The enemy AI was awesome with realistic responses. Screenshot mode was a nice touch as well.
-Cons: The screen wasn't nearly big enough. I feel like I'm squinting while playing it. The enemy A.I. makes a tremendous turn when going from easy to medium. It had me saying BS!!! several times at the first medium difficultly level...at times sniping me from off the screen and scoring one hit kills with pretty much any weapon. I found myself camping out in the buildings just to avoid instant death after respawn. Adding Halo weapons and models was cute, but not original.
-Suggestions: Make this game bigger. I'd love to be able to expand the window and play it like it should be played. I didn't experience any lag with this game, even on the highest setting, so expanding the game size for some of us would be great. I'd really like to see the addition of a crosshair in this game as well, with customizations. The mouse pointer isn't exactly professional or attractive. Make more original content. I hate seeing commercial content from Halo or other games reused in submissions.
*Other than a few issues, this game was great. I hope it makes front page.

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Credits & Info

4.35 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2010
7:35 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun