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Obama is STILL lying

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I just HAD to make this, so I could clear up a few points my friend and fellow truth-seeker made.

Please enjoy, and don't let yourself be deceived, OBAMA IS LIKE HITLER, BUT WORSE!!!

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it dosnt work on my computer

ther isnt even a loading screen, but i give it a ten for the title.
and zekste (three coments below) just a question, not racest at all, are you black because hitler didnt start off just saying that jews need to die

DaveB0rt responds:

glad you agree

good job sur

you and your friends have been stateing the obvious saying oboma is evil i dont know how he won the election or got his "better version of healthcare" passes and yes he shuld be tryed and convicted of treason for ruining our once great cunry


you clever shrew. If this is to get others to overreact, then bravo good sir! And it's always nice to here Obama get taken down a notch


First off, the visual aspect of the video doesn't go with audio at all. Second, I can't see how you can even begin to compare Obama to Hitler; a man who caused the death of millions due to pure, unjustified hatred of a race of people. What Hitler did was a travesty to all mankind and to even think of comparing the two (and finding Obama worse) is purely ignorant on your part. (Open up a history book or even scan over some cliff notes and you'll see I'm right) I admit that Obama isn't really doing what a lot of people (including myself) hoped he would, but seriously, with as much crap he has to sort through and clean up because of what Bush and the other horrible politicians in office, prior to his inauguration, did, how could one really expect him to accomplish much doing this term of his presidency? But this entire video was a waste of your time as well as mine. It really serves no purpose. I can't see how you could consider this to be entertaining in the slightest. The visual is not original and you just spliced together a bunch of random comments from various people who's anger (and/or fear) were directed (I suppose) at President Obama. Oh, yeah, with a little background music. Heck, this isn't even informative. I'm sure any and everyone who will ever stumble upon this will have already heard comments similar to the ones in this video, if not the comments themselves. I wish I could be upset with all this, but I just can't help but feel bad for you because you wasted your life creating then posting something like this.I can't give you a star for effort, because it wouldn't seem right. Hopefully, in the future, you find a better use for your time.

DaveB0rt responds:

not going to read that but i'm glad you agree Obama is a terrible man

It's called PARODY

Try to figure it out folks...

To the flash creator: I lol'ed

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4.31 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2010
6:19 PM EST

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