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Valthirian Arc

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Growing School 5 Points

Have a total of 10 students *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

Excabearer 10 Points

Reach Exca-Grade weapon *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

Full-Fledged 10 Points

Reach Grade 30 Student *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

Hunting Lesson 10 Points

Do 10 hunt quests *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

Kind-hearted Principal 10 Points

Do 10 errand quests *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

30th Alumnus 25 Points

Graduate 30 students *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

Class of Champions 25 Points

Win 10 tournaments *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

Steady Income 25 Points

Reach 600G/Week income *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

Apprentice Buster 50 Points

Kill the Apprentice *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

Perfect Career 50 Points

Finish Year 1 Perfectly *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

Author Comments

The time for relocation of Principals in the Valthirian Academies has finally arrived and you have been chosen as one of the new Principal!

Enroll new Students, Oversee their training, assign challenging Quests, give Exams, Grow your Academy, Graduate quality Students to rack up Fame and fulfill the greedy king's expectation!

Prove yourself to be worthy of the title Principal!


Left Click - Action
1/2/3/4 - Switch Character
Q/W/E - Change stance
SPACE - Principal Intervention (when the bar fills up)
SHIFT - Gather your Students

Studio Site : http://www.lucidrine.com/
Project Site : http://fandrey.lucidrine.


- Daily 2nd!! Thank you very much everyone ^^
- We have Official wiki now! : http://valthirianarc.wiki a.com/
- HQ Battle Themes now available to download! *still uploading few others*


- New version have 2 modes, Sandbox and Official Mode (yeah it's finally here)
- NG API is attached
- Medal is available now! *may require approval first*
- NG-Exclusive Heroes Tome is available!


UPDATE (insta-fix)
- v1.55 Release 7 NG : I did stupid (but rather fatal) mistake on implementing the API last time!!! orz

Fixed it, but might need sometime to be approved by admins


- v1.56 Release 8 NG : Fix on the Medals (hopefully) bug *may need to be approved first*


Very good!

Overall, a great game! Unlike most games, this one actually gives you a choice of what to do. Good graphics also, for that classic feel.

A good RPG

I love rpgs.

And i love this game.

I must say that is a really intresting game. Pretty graphics and good gamplay.

Great Game.

Great Game with alot of Replay value that is very addicting.Also to Nyotres,i think that the tutorial was as descriptive as neccesary.The Stars obviously mean that it is a harder thing to accomplish,and the fact that you never fail may be due to the fact that its just an errand,not something super huge.The best time to graduate a student is when the student you want to graduate is needed and gets 50% + fame for, You would want more then four since you can not graduate students in your party,and finally i think its very simple,but they choose their class based on their stats.A high Dex stat character would go for Mirage Caster or Gun Slinger.

Great Game

Awsome game really addicting 10/10

it's fun but

the tutorial is far from good. What the hell are those faces in the corners of the characters? When is it good to graduate a student? How do you make a student become a specified class? Is it because i'm playing sandbox mode? why would i want more then four students? Can i send two parties at the same time? What are these stars at the quest screen? Dificulty? Then why do i never fail when i do an errand quest? More info would be nice next time.

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Credits & Info

4.40 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2010
12:24 PM EST
Adventure - RPG