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Clock Crew Restaraunt

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welcome to the clock crew restaraunt! where there is lots of meat

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Entertaining meatness

~ Animation/Graphics ~

I have to say that I found the graphics pretty poor and that there was little animation in the entire thing, but it wasn't poor enough to really hurt the rating of the submission too much in my opinion. This would have been much better with better graphics though and probably more entertaining.

~ Story/Content ~

Ha, completely random and I found it kind of funny. Not funny enough to make me come back and watch it again, but funny enough to bring the rating of my review up higher than maybe it should be.

~ Audio ~

Something tells me that's not what they were singing in that song, but something also tells me that the Asian fold really don't care about the meat that they sell as long as it's cheap and it brings money in. I found the song to be funny and translated in a funny way.

~ Overall ~

I guess this is what I would call a good spam submission and a decent to poor serious submission. Subtitles were kind of funny and the whole thing had a bit of humor in it.

k3ltr0n responds:


5 with a side of spam for you good sir

Congratulations, you're a wiener!

what... the... frick...

That was.... weird to say the least. BUT, I did laugh! so that brings the rating up 3! the poor animation, brought it down 15, the fact it talked about meat... BROUGHT IT UP 1000000000!!!!! no no jk... I give it 8/10 or 4/5. thats math :3. anyways nice job


.......ok....its awesome.

Essence of Clock Crew, with a hint of spam

You display the goings-on of Clock Crew super moderatorship with the poise and poignancy of a world class chef masquerading as a highly regarded photo journalist. Your use of color and flash is beyond compare, and the soundtrack selection left little to be desired. I must say, I was quite impressed by this piece. {{{}}}