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Killing is my Business

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In this sneak game everything depends on your 'alarm stage' when it goes to high it makes killing guards or passing a room very difficult, focus on holding your 'alarm stage' low.

When there are civilians in the same room you are, you will be save until you take out a weapon. Then the civilians will alert the guards and the guards will kill you.

In-game menu:
Press Esc to come here, you can:
Watch your stats
See the map
See the controls
See your skills
Change quality

Shooting lights/cameras:
Shoot lights to create more shadow but watch out, guards will notice passing by bullets.
You can also shoot out the light gray cameras. But always use your bb-gun to gun down cameras/lights, except when a closed door is between you and the light. Then use your gun who will shoot through the wood.

Body hiding:
Hide bodies when they aren't being jet seen by the guards, a corner with shadow makes a body completely undetectable. When just put in the shadow guards will still notice walking over a body.

A high knife-skill makes you able of killing a large count of guards. Recommended for natural killers
A high gun-skill makes you able of killing from a large distends. Recommended for a few (±20) silent kills
I like mysteries so I made in airways and secret skill-objects. Make sure you have at least 1 sneak-skill point, so you can use the airways to pass rooms (if you can find them) and when found the 4 skill-objects give you a +1 to the skill its connected.
The stamina-skill is handy for quick escaping a guards sight.

About me and the game:
This is my first game. I was learning flash making the game. Thought I liked playing and decided to upload it.
I'm gone make another version, focused on making a fun game instead of learning flash.
This will certainly solve the lag problem on older computers and I am gone improve the controls and game-play.

Please comment or rate =D


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