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Pokanoid combines video-poker with breakout to give you endless hours of fun. Grab bonuses and multipliers as you collect poker hands and become a true high-roller.

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this is a great idea, nice concept

but it could use some more flash.
more entertainment, lights, and other what not.
it's just a bit bland and boring.

my review yo

it was alright, thats all that needs to be said.


i have one complaint about this game..
half the time i don't want to grab a card that falls down, but i have to, becouse otherwise i'll miss the ball. this gets really annoying when you are one card away from a straight, and you can't do anything but just throw your hand away..

An interesting game

I like the concept here and appreciate that the skill overall lies in thinking on your feet and shuffling the paddle around to catch the best cards at the right time, while keeping the ball aloft.

I think that I certainly need a mouse to play this game properly, as a touch pad is not the way forward, as my woeful scoring will stand testament to. Perhaps it would be beneficial to see additional lives at various scores, in order to keep the game rolling and some sort of person that you're playing against, to make even more money from, if your hand beats theirs.

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amazing concept

awesome game