1968 Invasion (V 1.03)

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This is my first flash, revised, and with a funny little animation at the end. The Speed is fixed a little better, the pictures are not done by hand, it's better then my first.

Text, Idea, and allot of other stuff is NOT new.

Please do not blam, I got flash yesterday XD

**EDIT** ADDED SONG!!! Watch again!
**EDIT** 150 views? Awesome!!! None of them probably rated 5 stars or above 5/10.
**EDIT** Added sad song!!!
**EDIT** Addressed error when repeating, fix is on it's way. Fixed glitches, added pictures.
**EDIT** 300 views? Awesome! Update: New sections.
**EDIT** Thanks for all the positive reviews! As you know this is my firstflash, just revised. I added an anti-glitch fix in there. Thanks to Graph1te, thanks to squale for the song!
**EDIT** 500 views? Awesome. Hope you like it!
**EDIT** Thanks for all the support, make sure to rate 5 and review. Don't rate one and leave, ya like I can fix it without any reason to why. Minor technical glitches fixed March 11, 2010
**EDIT** Added preloader!!! March 11, 2010
**EDIT** Fixed Minor Glitches, fixed much of it up. Hope you enjoy. New Version (V 1.03)
I created this to share my country's story, it is NOT a powerpoint presentation jeeze!

Powerpoint can't do all this, it has an animation you know.

Thanks for not blamming it! Except the jerk who gave it a 2 :(

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I think that the attack on Georga was because of what they did to Osia (I dont know how to say it in english.) Also great. I understood your point there

VladimirKarovski responds:

Thanks! :): :|: :(:


Well, this can be easily achieved using Microsoft powerpoint, you might want to consider having some animations in your flash.

I find it pointless to use flash to do this, powerpoint is much easier.

VladimirKarovski responds:

I DID an animation in that flash.

Powerpoint can't do this! No music, no reviews, no drawing, no nothing.

That animation allows this to not be blammed, so don't be stupid and rate it 5 XD

I made a new flash with more animation.

Not Bad.

That's not the common kind of videos that are submitted on NG, but i think this is worthy of not being blammed.
I think the music doesn't loop when the video restarts, so the more times i watch the video, the more confused is the song.
And a preloader/start/restart button.
4/5. I want this to stay alive. :D

VladimirKarovski responds:

Thank you. For getting flash yesterday I think I've advanced a ton. The song loops so it continues to freak out with every ending time.

Added AS3 Preloader, the preloader wouldn't work at first. Got it in. Anyways glad you liked it XD

just a slideshpw...but solid story

I'm glad you got your point across. I wouldn't call this a flash as much as a slideshow (you could do this in powerpoint), but cool story.

VladimirKarovski responds:

Thanks, It has an animation, and music, powerpoint doesn't have much options.

I just wanted to share my country's story, but everyones giving it a bad review even though it's my first flash XD

The flash 'aint great...

..but the story is worth telling. With some more work and a bit of experience, I think you could make a high quality presentation here. I saw the first one and voted to save, but I guess it might have been blammed.
For future endeavors, I suggest trying to make something better than what is essentially a powerpoint. Explore the medium and improve your message!

VladimirKarovski responds:

Thanks! The first one was blammed but I fixed it.

It could be a powerpoint, but do powerpoints have sad music, drawings, and much more? With FPS?

You mostly have to click to change powerpoints, the music would be messed up,

Ain't? Your from Texas aren't you?

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4.20 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2010
1:52 PM EST