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PhoenixWrong -SD Tribute-

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Author Comments

Becuas people liked the short version i doubled the length and am being optimistic :) Feel free to PM me any shows you would like to see in my next one :D

*Edit* -Credits-

1. Anchorman
2. The simpsons movie
3. Pinky and the brain
4. Friends - The bisexual song
5.Scooby Doo
6.Spongebob squarepants
8. Beavis and butthead

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add some navigational buttons!

drayman responds:

As following the Other Pheonix wrongs, navigational buttons arent needed. But i might in the next one, i mean "gotta listen to the fans :) "


You are getting a bit better. It's just, seems a bit too slow, even the objection is a bit slow. Should get little things between all the longer ones to chop up the pace and really keep you interested to see what else could be thrown at you. Don't get me wrong it was better, I liked the beavis character at the end there. But like I said before it should really hold your attention, the only real reason it held my attention was because I was expecting a surprise. But I got floating scooby doo instead, which was pretty funny just because it was messed up.

But don't feel down or what have you because of this review, keep it up. Also even just crazy music in the background at random moments to really change it up. Also like I said in the last review get creative, chop up the dialog of a mix of shows or even just two shows or sources and have it come out to be a really funny conversation. Like have lisa talking to scooby or something like that.. not necessarily that but something of your own creative thought.

Even go back and take a look at the real Phoenix Wrong's or the original I should say, and see what made it funny, don't copy it, but mix it up. Creation is our biggest thing we have in this world, think about that :).

Hope to see something amazing, but the more practice the better, and don't let anyone get you down about your creations,



Honored that you sent me a message to review this for you, I really want you to do something you really feel good about and accomplished at the end of the day, for most don't. That good ol' feeling inside.

drayman responds:

Thanks i'm going to up the frame rate for the next one, and i'll mix the shows, see what i can pull out my arse creativity wise lol.

and yeah i noticed the scooby doo screw up after i uploaded and i was like "fuck it" lol

I inboxed you because you do give some good indepth reviews, and i'll of course message you when the next one is done in one or two weeks, depending on my free time.

Nice :)

I thought it was cute and I giggled at a number of the references xD The beavis and butthead part was ...incredibly appropriate for that guy. good job :)

drayman responds:

Thanks, i thought i chose the right people for the quotes. And I loved the B+B quote made me Lol everytime i heard it lol

No credits?

Even though I recognize all but one of the skits, it still helps you list where you got the sounds from. The lip-synch isn't quite polished but it's acceptable. Just the right length overall.

drayman responds:

Alright, thats a good idea, instead of adding them to the flash i'll put them on the authour comments nw :)


Poor sync and the material is really dated.

drayman responds:

I know the sync isnt great, and although the material is dated i thought they would bring out some nostalgia, didn't think i would be critisised for that guess i was wrong lol ^.^''