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I figured I'd give flash making a shot. Since it's my first attempt, I didn't use any script or anything. My friend came up with the idea and I kinda just let him run with it. Hence why it's not a great story. Still, for a first try, I don't think it's bad.

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I know you can do better

Good job on your first try, hoping you could do some improvements on your next flash(if any). I can't say that your flash has any hope here though. Low volume, no humor, sure it's like your pilot flash, but these things can't stay in NG.

I am hoping to see to your IMPROVED flashes soon, oh and note that even though the volume is low I find that your timing with the audio track is decent.

good luck to you,

:( <---- thats not good

poor quality and audio I vote u off this island sir :p


The audio & lipsyncing made me cry :(

A lot of people

have told you to improve auido, I think you also need to improve on the lip syncing.


Well, not sure what to say about this. Volume is horribly low, but you know that by past reviewers. Also the flash seemed like egoraptor, either this was intentional. Not to say that is a bad thing, but I just like to see people do their own original things, or a really good "cover", its late and not one for words :).

Ahh the bad stuff, but now for the good :) I am glad to see that you are giving flash a shot, a good shot that you first put out I must say. The animation wasn't the worst but it has lots of room for improvement. I just want you to know that I can see alot of potential in this submission and would love to see what you can do if you really gave it time and think of something genuine.

Liked the little guy at the end, maybe you could do things with things like that, make them morph or fold or do weird odd things, but give them a personality and have them be the main characters, as if they were normal people, because everyone in the flash would be like that. But then again its your ideas, and I personally haven't seen something like that, something close I suppose but I dunno, like I said before its late.

Well don't let anyone who doesn't like this flash get you down because there is no where to go but up,


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Mar 3, 2010
11:14 PM EST