Nyu and the Ponyta

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Oh no! Christmas approaches and Nyu is without a gift! What will he do?
...go on an epic quest of no point!

Size of movie is to a 96x64 ratio... kinda like those TI-84 screens!

Music and sound made using Audacity and programs created by Pixel. The guy that made Cave Story. I just downloaded the programs and went to work...
And yes... fanfare based off of Final Fantasy.

And yeah, Christmas was three months ago. Well... at least it has sound! Hope I didn't botch that up too much... again.

...oh, and the sound's kinda loud. Hopefully you figure that out before too long...


Don't see that too often...

Excellent, the simple Game Boyish pixel art works. I liked what you did with the intro cut scene. While it only black white and grey (like a gameboy) and the characters were stiff the drawing was very good. My only complaint is with the use of the blur filters which take away from the pixel effect by distorting the pixels.

Great, it was mostly a simple 8-bit operation (for music and sound effects) which fit well with the visuals. My only complaint is with that laughing music which didn't seem to fit in with the 8-bit sounds.

Very good except for the use of filters. As said before, the blur filters seem to take away from the pixel effect.

Excellent, but work on consistency.

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supersysscvi responds:

Hm... the blur and the laughing. Well, I knew that I didn't know how to change the laugh the way I wanted to, but the blur... I didn't think the blur was an issue. Thanks for pointing that out!

Hmm, okay I guess.

There were bad and good parts about the animation. One, it had humor and creativity, but two, it was like watching a game that you couldn't play, so that kinda sucks. Overall it was worth watching and I don't feel like I wasted my time, so good job on that! C:

supersysscvi responds:

Well, I'm glad I got something right! Thank you.

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3.34 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2010
10:30 PM EST
Comedy - Original