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Mon-Turs N+R+G Sludge

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This was an assignment from our history of animation class...which, as I'm typing this, class has begun, so I'm definitely going to be late to present it.

The project was to do a stop-motion animation. I wanted to focus more on 2-D animation, so I decided I would attempt to pull something similar to Don Hertzfeldt, where he incorporated hand-made ripples and tears to interact with the animation.

Alas, due to time constraints and poor time management, I failed severely to do that; the folds and ripples are barely noticeable (wrong paper or lighting I suppose) and the entire gimmick revolved around live props to be on top.

Originally the vending machine was going to drown the protagonist with silly putty, frame-by-framed across, drowning an entire school, but it was cut and revised for time. Additionally, the quarter that the protagonist raised up was supposed to be real, with a a cut out hand/thumb on top of it, but my good buddy Efren and I were having difficulty focusing in on the smaller scale characters and vending machines so the quarter wasn't disproportionately small. Again, cut for time, it was replaced with a .gif of a quarter at the last minute, and an in-flash drawn hand. The sequence where he actually puts the quarter INTO the machine and presses the button were also...all together now...CUT FOR TIME. Oi... :C

It didn't come out nearly as well as I thought it would...but I learned a lot about stop-motion just by working on this project, and the mistakes made will hold me over for years. Efren and I had a lot of fun making it, and I hope you all enjoy it for what it is! :D

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Love this 🤘🏻

Nice "animation".
And it seems like this vending machine doesn't really like real quaters.

Nice story, if it had one :)

Best end since so long..


I get that this is a test-run, however it works out really well. I think the only thing that bothers me is the use of the quarter, and how unsmoothly the eye animation was. However aside from that. AMAZING!!!


I stand corrected; the surrealism of this adds to the overall effect of the flash. I find it quite interesting that you used stop-motion animation here; though, if I understand correctly, it seems that you actually used paper for the most part, which slightly confunds me as to how you would be able to move paper so as to create so many drastic effects, without creating several drawings. Of course, my knowledge of animation itself is quite limited in both concept and design; I'm simply beginning a course in Java...

Again, the artwork itself was amazing; it's not something you see much anymore, and I am incredibly impressed to see it here.

Like usual, the voices, [[well, voice,]] were quite...unusual...adding more artistic flair to this piece.

I miss the lack of music---your music is usually quite interesting in itself---but I do understand that there wasn't really even an opportunity for music to come into play, as well as the potentiality that music would have been timely, or unallowed for school.

As to the story-line itself, I will admit your orginal idea would have been much greater, and that I regret we will never see it. This storyline is quite short, and doesn't quite capture the atmosphere as well as I believe the original would have. C'est la vie, I suppose. It was still an amazing piece of work.

In all honesty, I'd LOVE to see another work like this, especially if you decided to end up doing your original idea.

There isn't much I could suggest for improvement; obviously, I do not like the miniscule length of the flash, as well as the lack of music mentioned above. If only we had limitless time to work on such projects, eh?

9/10 5/5

Phobotech responds:

Well, in some instances I had cut out specific parts made out of paper; opening scene, vending machine is background, character was cut out and positioned farther and farther away from the camera as if he were walking, kind-of. Next scene, the eyeballs were on top of him checking out the machine. Reaching in with the quarter, the arm is seperated from the body, etc...etc...

I'm happy you liked the artwork, despite it's rushed and sloppy look. I'm glad you liked my grunts and grumbles :D. I missed the lack of music too, because I generally love to animate in time with something, and I've grown to enjoy the natural tempo a soundtrack can provide...though that hasn't been indicated in the majority of my flashes, you'll see what I mean in the future. I'm sure the school would've allowed it, but it's another clue as to just how rushed this thing was.

However, this quotation from your review "As to the story-line itself, I will admit your original idea would have been much greater, and that I regret we will never see it" has got me thinking....I TOTALLY wanted to see the original vision done! So I'm going to ditch the stop-motion theme for this, and do the original Monturs NRG Sludge in flash so it can be seen...maybe elaborate upon it, I dunno. But hell yeah dude, I won't let ya down :D If this thing was knocked out in a couple of hours using a method I'm unfamiliar with, I could knock it out with better quality in similar time using a method I'm trying to master.

Time is our greatest foe...in the end, it always wins. Thanks so much for the incredible reviews, you kick an extraordinary amount of ass. Thanks!