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Dragball 2

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IMPORTANT NOTE: I've thought long and hard whether or not to submit this game. Why you ask? Because it's incomplete. I basically finished this game about a year and a half ago, there where only a couple of small details I needed to work out. Well, that's when disaster struck, my computer crashed and I lost all my files. 'Luckily' I uploaded a preview of the game online so I could download that. Being the overprotective arse that I am, however, I had encrypted that file, so I can't decompile the game to fix the last details... >:(

This means that:

- There's no preloader (I figured at only 1.1 mb that wouldn't be too big of an issue for most)
- The game will crash when you hit the continue button in the main menu (this only happens the first time you fire up the game). So DON'T HIT THE CONTINUE BUTTON.
- Level balancing isn't very good.

I uploaded it anyway because quite a few hours of work went into it and I thought it would be a wasted effort if I didn't at least give it a shot in the portal.

TLDR: Couldn't finish this game. If nobody could play it > Me a sad panda > Submitted it anyway. There's no preloader. DON'T HIT THE CONTINUE BUTTON.

---End of Note

So yeah, this is the sequel to dragball (oh, really), one of my very first games. Numero uno had quite a few issues, so I decided to fix some of those in a new version. The goal of the game is to drag and throw your dragball towards the finish while collecting checkpoints and avoiding obstacles on the way. You can only drag and throw the ball once, you have to RESET the level with the SPACEBAR to try again. Mousepad users can use the arrow keys (hold shift to aim more accurately) to aim.

Sorry for the incompleteness, hope some of you can enjoy it anyway.

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Much more relaxing and enjoyable than the original dragball. Thanks!


ive been playing for hours now!! and just like everyone said amazing soundtrack. i can tell you put alot of time into this, if you do still have the mp3, i would love to have it. Cheers!!


Not as fun as D-Day Defender, but I was still hooked on it!


Very interesting, unique game. I could could not get away from it!

Oh my God

If I was in the mood for a angle game, i would love this. I'm not in the mood right now, but man. That music is so nice. Can I has?

Xeptic responds:

Heh, cheers. I don't think I have the mp3 laying around anymore, but I'll have a look

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3.12 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2010
3:15 PM EST