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Author Comments

Thanks to chris-marks for a complete and awesome walkthrough, go check it out if you have problems with any level:
http://chris-marks.newgro unds.com/news/post/444611

A horrid earthquake has occurred at a distant planetoid called Theia. The impact was so strong that it created a giant crack, running from the core of the planetoid until its surface. Your race finds out that this catastrophe was caused by a monster who is eating Theia's Core! If he continues, the planet will explode, destroying all of your race. Nonetheless, Voly dares to take the risk of stopping the monster and his evil minions by the cost of his own life.

Your goal is to guide Voly towards the center of Theia. But beware, Voly is way too weak to attack the huge enemies; therefore you should avoid confronting them.


Great Aesthetics, Okay Mechanics

The game looks wonderful, but there are severe issues that prevent it from being a classic.

1. The character moves too slowly, making even the simplest of levels take way longer than neccesary.

2. The character animations, when going into the ground, take just a second too long, which gets frustrating fast.

3. Having the "Suicide" key so close to the controls is a perfect recipe for accidental deaths when one was only hoping to go into the ground. It would be better if it were the "P" key or something.

4. Password systems seem quaint. Saves, auto or otherwise, are the norm now for a good reason.

5. Having to learn by dying is not particularly fun. Having to lose a life to, for instance, figure out that Slappers won't hit you if there's a rock in front of them (something that doesn't make intuitive sense as they are wider than the friggin' rock) feels like I'm being punished for something that wasn't explained to me.

Again, the art was wonderful, but there are some gameplay issues. I would love to play the sequel though.

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it's not bad

but it's just not that great. the art is super though, and is very nice looking, my congratulations on that.

everything else though, has been done before. the controls are infuriating, the dig idea is more like a gimmick, and the game dosen't get any better.

better luck with your next flash, i'll be looking for it

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Way. way too hard.

I'm too tired and frustrated to write a proper review, but here it is:
Interesting story, and good idea on the level passwords. Because no one is going to bother playing each and every level.
You made it so everything literally has to be perfect. Dodging the bubba things, for example. You have to time everything to the millisecond in order to dodge their attacks. You can't push rocks unless you're perfectly centred in front of it, if you're in the slightest bit to the left of right, he won't push it. And the last level, oh the last level was pathetic. Quicktime events are supposed to be completable on the first try. This one, however, requires you to memorise each and every button for the entire thing since if you press it a fraction of a second too late, you die. I realised you have to have pressed the button before the sound of the bell stops ringing, and that rings for about half a second. Hopefully that puts it into perspective.
And don't even let me get started on the speed of the game. The character actually walks. It makes the longer levels unbearable since you have to start from the beginning if you die...
And one last thing, why allocate a number of lives? Once they're depleted, you can select continue and it gives you three more. A little pointless. If you had checkpoints in each level, however, then it would be a different story.
1 for the story
1 for the art
That's it.
The gameplay of this completely ruins it. I think I can safely say I've never played a game as bad as this.

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Simple puzzles. Slow and limited movement. Boring music. Terrible game. Sorry. You've got a really good idea with the whole digging to get around obstacles thing, but it wasn't executed well. Give it another try! Make another with improvements and I'll play

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confused me

i would think such beautiful art and animation would go with a good game but my expectations went unsatisfied. Like i had said, the animations and level art were great and suited the feel of the game, though it did not play very well. the game felt slow and i didint get into it. Remember, if your going to make a game look professional (which it does) make it play professional as well.

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