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Author Comments

Thanks to chris-marks for a complete and awesome walkthrough, go check it out if you have problems with any level:
http://chris-marks.newgro unds.com/news/post/444611

A horrid earthquake has occurred at a distant planetoid called Theia. The impact was so strong that it created a giant crack, running from the core of the planetoid until its surface. Your race finds out that this catastrophe was caused by a monster who is eating Theia's Core! If he continues, the planet will explode, destroying all of your race. Nonetheless, Voly dares to take the risk of stopping the monster and his evil minions by the cost of his own life.

Your goal is to guide Voly towards the center of Theia. But beware, Voly is way too weak to attack the huge enemies; therefore you should avoid confronting them.


Didn't like it

As has been repeatedly said, the collision detection is awful. MAJOR flaw in a game where that can mean the difference between success and losing a life (lives being another irritating aspect of the game)

The introduction levels were TERRIBLE at preparing you for the rest of the game. You get thrown into the fire way too early, beating your head against a wall and losing nearly all your lives in the process of learning what should have been established in the first 4-5 levels.

I can see that alot of time went into making it look and sound pretty, but that doesn't make up for the other flaws, unfortunately.

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fun, but a little buggy, collision detection is kind of iffy. wat freaking pisses me off is that here is another game where the height is just beyond the edge of my screen. still fun

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so freakin hard

sombody help me with level 20

The game was awesome

The first boss wasn't that hard once you figured out that you should move the cabbage in front of the spider to stall her. Anyway i stoppead at level 22, getting that piggy in front of the green bubba was just way to hard and eventually i gave up. I finished first 2 bosses and the second boss was far easier then the first. Also the collision detection and accuracy on a pixel was quite frustrating sometimes but the game was well thought out, executed pretty nicely the graphic music and atmosphere... A+

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Bugs and frustration.

As many before me have said, the game's collision detection is quite bad, to say the least.
Also, the difficulty curve was more like a rollercoaster than a hillclimb, especially when it comes to the impossible maze at the first boss: after a few seconds it becomes completely impossible to see what lie ahead, and that, unfortunately, turned out to be a dead end all too often. The only progress I managed to make in that level was due to replaying it several times and eventually memorizing parts of it.

Great concept, even though its originality is somewhat questionable (multi-layer-level games being quite popular these days), but with many issues to be addressed, hence my three stars.

Like so many other submissions on NG, this has immense potential, but it just needs a little work. I would love to see a remake or a sequel.

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