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Direct animation experiment. Done with photography of my drawings on school board, then I inverse the colors on Photoshop. I didn't find a name for the bird, but if you wonder what is it on his back, well it's an egg.


Sometimes simply isn't a bad thing

When doing animation sometimes the less frames you incorporate the more aesthetically pleasing it becomes. Now I'm not saying that you should reduce you animation I'm just stating that you don't need a billion frames for something like like this. In all honesty it took me a few glances to notice that you used 4 frames, yet you used those 4 frames very well. Keep up the good work, everyone has to start somewhere. As for "critiquing" you animation, I don't animate so I can't give any other helpful advice

Not bad

This isn't half bad-- you've got nice movement in the head and nice bounce on the antennae looking things and the tail; The legs look great, too. I also like the movement in the egg, but there's one major problem in the physics of this animation that prevent it from being believable. The body remains perfectly stationary, which makes the animation look kind of cheesy. To make it look more believable, try incorporating a more exaggerated up-and-down movement of the torso.

Otherwise, this is great. I love your drawing style as well. :)

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Nice but not so interesting

Hi there! good peace of word. I like your drawing... but it needs something... more?!


A three-frame animation to music? Come on, it's a doodle. I'm glad you're exploring animation, but I don't think this is something people would enjoy on Newgrounds; I personally enjoyed the music, but I thought this a was going to be a movie, not an animated three-framed scribble. Keep learning, and I look forward to more completed work in the future.

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3.13 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2010
10:21 PM EST