Bagel's Budget Triumph

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This is another version of "Requiem for a Bagel".

It's for people of lower income residence that cannot afford ColorTelevision®.


This is an epic bagel montage, so brace yourself. You may not want to show this to pets / furniture.

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I'm sorry, but what is this? When I first started it, I heard no sound. I just saw the pictures of a bagel moving around. Secondly, that's not very interesting. You could've done better, instead of a looping .gif of a bagel, by having some animation. And if you can't animate, then maybe you should stick to audio. An example being "Look at my horse"

When I did a right click->play the sound came in and my god was that song annoying. It wasn't catchy, and not even well made. I had to refresh the page to write this review, it was that annoying. Not even catchy in the slightest. Some songs that are annoying atleast you can sing along to them. This one, the only word is bagel and that hardly makes for a song.

If you had some decent animation about a bagel doing bagel things, then maybe it might've been better. 4/10 review 2/5 vote.

Garage responds:

I'll admit that I laughed when you used "Look at my horse" as an example of good audio, but I tried my best to take the rest seriously.

Thanks for the review!


...Much better when theres actually sound behind it

I laughed..

But I couldn't stop laughing. I don't ever know why this is so funny but it is!

Garage responds:

Did you see it in its entirety? (static & sound)

No sounds?

why is there no sound? you should have put more in to this. all it was was a picture of black and white bagels.....and thats it.......

Garage responds:


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4.48 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2010
8:39 PM EST
Comedy - Original