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Mad Karate Man

rated 4.27 / 5 stars
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Mar 2, 2010 | 6:27 PM EST

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Author Comments

We at Ninja Kiwi are proud to present Mad Karate Man as it's sponsors. The developer, Joaquin Zamora Ubilla, would have like to submit this game himself under his own account but is unfortunately based in Chile and has had a pretty rough time over there, as such we're submitting for him.

Remember the bonus stage in Street Fighter 2 where you smash the crap out of a car? Mad Karate Man is kind of like that, except instead of the car imagine you're opening up a can on one of those lousy bankers :P.

The objective in Mad Karate Man is pretty straightforward. Get the highest score you can by smacking this guy, quite literally, off the face of the earth (Violence is actually pretty mild for all you mums and dads :)

In the beginning you won't be able to get much of a score and your first "final blow" will be pathetic. But horde up those mad points, get all those upgrades (there are HEAPS of upgrades) and soon you'll be able to make smoking craters with your fists!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Needs better instructions

For those of you starting off as clueless as I was ...

1) you start by trying to grab the business man. You want to get as close to the green area as possible on the top gauge. The closer in the green you are, the more time you will get to do aerial pummeling.

2) after you sock him into the air, the timer counts down and you get to beat the ever-loving crap outta the poor guy. He'll try to block using his briefcase. You can get combo's, even if you keep hitting the same area over and over. The more you hit him, and the more combo you get, the more your POWER gauge fills up, which you'll use in the final section.

3) When you drop to the ground for the final blow, you want to get the gauge as close to the green 45 degree angle area as possible. This will send him flying. For each full POWER unit you have, you can execute another flying kick or power blast to keep him juggled in the air (and to try to stop ninjas from slowing him down).

With the basic instructions out of the way ...

1) It seems the briefcase is indestructible regardless of how much you upgrade (downgrade) it. I was doing 14 damage to it each hit, and with my upgrade (downgrade) put it at 22 hp. But the business man would consistently block way more than 2 of my hits with it. (2 hits x 14 dmg = 28 dmg, which should destroy a 22 hp briefcase.) That's either a bug in the game, or maybe I'm not understanding how that works.

2) I had most upgrades up to level 3, but I could barely get 1 POW bar filled in. I guess power ups go to level 5 or 10 or who knows. It just seemed like even with quite a few upgrades I was still quite wussy.

Interesting take on the whole "hedgehog launch / upgrade" series of games.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

amazingly addictive

it was hard at first but then got really easy once i started upgrading. great game concept. managed to fully upgrade everything.

Distance record: 15,699,553
Height record: 12,898,594

Highest score: 57,207,892

Highest mad points obtained: 599,398,390


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Confusing at first, but once you start playing it becomes pretty addicting! Awesome Job!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


funny how you throw the busniess man in the air and then kick him. nice sequel to the new movie coming out called ''karate kid''


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty Good

The animation was good, the song was good, though the buttons aren't all that great. Should have just kept him on a rampage without killing one person and going to next round.

Not a bad game, though you have made better, but it is still a great game.

Keep up the good work