Mad Karate Man

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We at Ninja Kiwi are proud to present Mad Karate Man as it's sponsors. The developer, Joaquin Zamora Ubilla, would have like to submit this game himself under his own account but is unfortunately based in Chile and has had a pretty rough time over there, as such we're submitting for him.

Remember the bonus stage in Street Fighter 2 where you smash the crap out of a car? Mad Karate Man is kind of like that, except instead of the car imagine you're opening up a can on one of those lousy bankers :P.

The objective in Mad Karate Man is pretty straightforward. Get the highest score you can by smacking this guy, quite literally, off the face of the earth (Violence is actually pretty mild for all you mums and dads :)

In the beginning you won't be able to get much of a score and your first "final blow" will be pathetic. But horde up those mad points, get all those upgrades (there are HEAPS of upgrades) and soon you'll be able to make smoking craters with your fists!


boring and repetitive

It's nothing but the same thing over and over again.


There's always the same thing, that makes me bored

It's a must play if you or super bored

I accidently spent my entire lunch break on this, but in doing so i somehow came up 10th place worldwide...Slow to start but addicting and satisfying to boot. Only down side is all the black in the atmosphere and it does get dull after you've unlocked it all...

I did find myself a lot of times have to force myself out of concentration just to try and stop my run.

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perfect is all sense of the word, but a music selection would be nice? I'm just saying.

Port this @#$!

You guys should think about porting this to an ipod app! I would definitely buy it!

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4.27 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2010
6:27 PM EST
Skill - Toss