Grand Tournament episode1

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The first part in my sprite series, Grand Tournament!
NO, It's not simply another sonic/mario flash, it's basically a big tournament with almost every character I have, and the first three episodes are on how the sonic characters enter the tourny.
I AM MUGENMASTER/FULLMETAL_ALC HEMIST, Just on two different sites.

In this episode:
shadow clashes with a Battle Bot for entrance to the Grand Tournament, While sonic is waiting for his chance, knuckles intervenes....

Alright, after the month of march, I have GREATLY improved my animating skillz....And I've Relised that this plot, it sux munky ballz. I have a BRAND NEW plot for a new animation series, that has nothing to do with sonic or a tournament. I'm spriting all of the sprites for it, its called:
Bleach: Cherry Blossom Weather.
Tune in for it, I won't release TOO many things, except it's bleach, it's an animation series that strictly follows the manga, and it'll be awesome according to the sprites so far xD

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very good

linda animacion

wow so you call my friends flash crappy

and yet yours is 10x worst your a complete fag

junsuni responds:

I have gotten way past this level, and I know a very good flash animator who has a taught me a lot of stuff. I am beyond this level, and rating it low because I don't like your friends animation is just as low as you claim me to be.

i like it

how do you zoom in with vcam?

junsuni responds:

You simply make a motion tween, then at the end of the motion tween, make the size of the V-Cam as small/large as you want.

Hmm... Interesting but...

I give it a 6/10 & 3/5. Because the sprite detail was a little bad.
Plus the fighting was a tad slow. Other than that, pretty good.

junsuni responds:

for some reason, when I zoom in with the v-cam, the sprites resolution gets screwed up...


Nicely Done, Keep Them Coming.

junsuni responds:

tnx, I personally think this episode turned out to be a piece of crap lol.

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Mar 2, 2010
4:02 PM EST