The Duders: Ep. 3 Part 1

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Jay returns to help out Val in the Mayor Race for Shine-City against Mr. Bad.

Part 1 of 4

Almost 4 months of work - split into 4 parts. Hope ya'll enjoy The Duders ep 3. The Return and Re-return of Jay!

Huge galaxy-sized heavy thanks to Tom for the front page and to all of you guys for indulging in this.

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to the person bellow me

i would have to go with duder, i think this is some pretty funny stuff, the drawings and backgrounds could use some work but aside from that it was pretty well executed, i enjoyed it and i don't do drugs :P

TheCriminalDuder responds:

You are a nice person. :)

No not good at all.

Not good or funny at all. Even if you wasnt tryin to be funny. It was still just shitty. Im sorry but maybe you should rethink some things before basing a flash on shitty humor. like stoners.

TheCriminalDuder responds:

I was trying to be funny. This is my work here - script, story, characters, art, animation, and even the voices. I'm putting time and effort into all this Duder stuff and Duder Entertainment content.

I'm trying to make something entertaining. I think you're just ignorant and as soon as ya see the bongs and toking ya figure this is a stoner only movie or ment for a certain group and it's not. Cheech and Chong, PineApple Express, and Alice in Wonderland ya still enjoy if ya don't do drugs right?

Now its time for the review that matters..

Well..................... its nothing short of PERFECT. Deserves Front Page! Haven't even watched it yet, waiting for *ahem* something to enhance my experience. But I know its Perfect!

and..... fuck you Dirtylilsaki.

TheCriminalDuder responds:

This is a very complimenting review from a very awesome person.
Thanks Dan. :)

Was ok...

I thought the art was nice. And the jokes were funny. And the story was interesting.
I still didn't think it was awesome, but I don't have anything Against it either, but I didn't really like it. So I'm neutral wit it. And that would get you 8/10 but I didn't like the music either... so thats a 7.

TheCriminalDuder responds:

I'm not after awesome-best-top-quality-top 100 on NG- flash here. Mind ya I'll get to that in the future when I'm a senior animator but not soon. That said I put my utmost best into it to make it art, animation, story, dialogue, characters, jokes...

I am more then happy with reviews higher then 6 and a score higher then 2.99 (though a 4.20 would be gold)

Thanks for the review and I'm too bad it ain't all your thing. I enjoy the stoner psychedelic rock friendly feel of Smoking Frog and fullness and emotion of the abstract songs of InvisibleObserver.

Thanks for the review.

Ever improving and impressing.

It seems every time you return with something new for us, it is greatly improved upon since your last. The animation, writing, and overall feel to the episode is great, keep up the good work.

TheCriminalDuder responds:

Huge thanks.
Better each time - it's my system. :D
I worked extra harder on the script for this one too.

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4.00 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2010
12:35 AM EST
Comedy - Original