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DE_dust2 Outtakes

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Edit: Fixed Ad to work, and thanks Tom for the frontpage!
Edit2: Fixed head flashing glitch

If you haven't seen DE_dust2, I suggest you watch it first. This short movie is a compilation of 2 outtakes based on the popular Counter-Strike: Source game.

Outtake 1 - Newbie gets his first kill?

Outtake 2 - FD God goes "BALE"-istic on Dumbass.

I don't get much free time now that I'm working... but it was a blast to be able to come back to flash!


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R.I.P. :P <333

Wow, the Christian Bale rant was that long ago? It seems more recent. I don't hold that against him. He's still a good actor. Anyway, this was well animated. It is a shame there were only two outtakes. I wanted more.

That newbie was quite dumb. I'm glad to hear more of the response in the rant. I wanted to know what the other guy was saying. He distinctly said, "I was looking at the light". Yeah, not much.

lol funny as hell FUCKS SAKE U AMATEUR LOL

Haha, the outtakes are the best parts! :D Not so much motion, but all the more comedy and dialog. And the transitions between the different batches/lack of camera movement give it a pretty neat behind-the-scenes look too. Wish there were more than two of these but ah well, nice work.


First outtake moral:Never try to shoot yourself on head,maybe just that time will work.
The two outtake moral:Never go to an man that say`s f*** more than 5 times,maybe you will be then
a bruce.