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Fast Shooter

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Waves of attacking enemies are to be destroyed by our Hero.
At the end of every wave:
The Hero can buy gun updates having lesser bullet lag times, which also include health updates.
He can also buy updates for lesser % health loss. This applies to soldiers only and not to other enemies.
When a bullet from an enemy hits the fort the health gets reduced by a certain percentage. When the health becomes 0 the game ends.
Keep the mouse pressed to shoot continuously. Release the mouse, and drag the cursor to rotate the gun and change the direction of shooting.

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Well ok, I admit, it is 'playable' it's just broken. I really wish the bullets would travel far enough to actually hit something.

Needs mechanical tweaks

Concept - Okay, but the powerups system could use a huge update, and, the bullets (or whatever it is you're shooting) disappear a few feet in front of you, and the enemies have a longer range, meaning they can shoot you while still out of your range, making the game extremely difficult if not unplayable.


not being able to move the mouse while shooting continuously is a huge setback

It entertained me...

A few problems were that you can only buy one power up per level, also, level 18 was very tedious because the chariots moved too slowly. However, it is a good idea for a game just has a few blemishes to fix.

Fairly programmed, I guess

The concept isn't unique, but you did well in creating this, so you could work your way up to better things. The "dragging the cursor while shooting" thing didn't work for me, so I am guessing that is a programming error.