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UPDATE: Wow! Front page! Thank you! I'd like to say that, yes it doesn't have much of a story, but it's only supposed to be a fun run-and-gun platformer made in a little over a week. And yes, we love Cave Story!

UPDATE 2: Now with a better intro and some tweaks.

Made for Flixel February!

Press P to pause. You can also use SPACE to jump and CTRL to fire.

We got it in *just* under the wire, and it's kind of rough. If you find any bugs or problems, let us know!

You, the lone crew member on a small vessel, find a space station near the edge of explored space beaming out a distress call. As anyone would do in such a situation, you blindly investigate.

Features include multiple weapons, rocket jumping, fast physics, and a retro style.

I would like to thank Synteza for producing the loops for us. They're awesome.


Great Sidescroller Shooter

This game is very fun, I really like the graphics and gameplay. It reminds me of a lot of great shooting games.

First off, the weapons, they ranged from amazing, to great, to okay, to absolutely worthless. The Machine Gun in the Secret Room is the best because it reloads quickly and fires quickly. Then there's the Rocket Launcher which has limited rockets that can be easily replenished. The starting Laser Gun is okay, it gets the job done, but is useless once you get the Machine Gun. Then there's the weird weapon with a hard to remember name that I'll call the spark generator, because that's all it does, generate sparks that don't seem to do anything. I won't tell you where the Secret Room is, but if you do find it, be sure to take the Maching Gun!

For Enemies, we have Blobs, of three colors, turret lights that remind me of Blasting Agent, a Crazy Computer, and a Giant Blob for a final boss. That's okay, you can kill them without dying a cheap death, even though it would have been nice to have more enemy variety. The control is simple and easy to understand, it's perfectly responsive, you can easily shoot up, down, left, or right, it's fun blasting things, and the Metroid-style escape at the end was really cool!

Even though it's fun, the game does fall on the short side, I beat the game in less that an hour, and I found a lot of the hidden goodies and health extensions, I had 15 health MAX by the end of the game. The weapons don't all feel nessecary, the Spark Generator (because that's what I call it), is all in all completely worthless and I feel should have been removed before beta testing, but that could just be me. There are plent of health extentions to find, I also notice that everybody says this game is like Cave Story, I have no clue what Cave Story is, so if someone could tell me, that would be nice.

Condition is a fun game to play, even if you can breeze through it quicker, there is almost no story, and it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, it's still a fun, enjoyable game for the Newgrounds Flash Portal and if you haven't played it yet, when you finish reading my review, play the game, and experience the fun, it definately isn't Contra or Super C, but is still all around enjoyable and is worth playing through at least once.


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Cave Story + Condition = Space Story?

I love the references to Cave Story, and otherwise its a great wellrounded game.

Keep up the great work

Yeah... Retro.

I enjoyed it! Quite alot actually ^.^

Pretty Awesome

Im not really into the old school retro games, but I gave it a go and I enjoyed it. Gave me some fun for a while is just what it aimed to do so good work.

@satorian: Im running it in firefox and its working just fine, dont give the game a bad score when it might be a problem with your computer rather than the game itself...


@satorian you need to use google crome

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3.97 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2010
11:59 PM EST
Adventure - RPG