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Another quick Flash animation I made in one day~ And this time I was actually not too lazy to make a credits page, yay!

I was inspired greatly by Reborn. While watching it, I got really in the mood for my brother, Nimbus', two characters, Myself and The Bat. They're bounty hunters and stuff.

So this short clip is actually taken almost exactly from Reborn. I looked at the clip from the first episode and drew a couple of the parts with these characters instead, and edited the storyline to fit with them.

So The Bat is the one walking into the bar. And Myself is the one sitting at the bar. Meowth walks in and tries to attack The Bat from behind as well. I don't know their whole past, but I just know that Meowth cuts off their friend, Green Meowth's legs, so he probably doesn't like them. XD

But anyway, songs in order:
[Title:] The Dying Will Time! from Reborn
The Vongola Mafia's Theme from Reborn

Drawn with: Photoshop(Tablet).
Colored with: Photoshop(Tablet)
Animated with: Flash.
Characters (c) Nimbus and Satoshi Taijiri/Nintendo.
Art and Animation (c) Sarena Kimura.
Music (c) Toshihiko Sahashi.
Drawing/Animating Time: About 5 and a half hours.

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but to me it sounds very very familiar

good concept

hey, its you again. lol another flash? awesome. well here is the low down on this one.
you got a decent plot and concept going here. I sort of understood it, but it felt a little rushed. it looked like it cut straight into conflict after the chat with the boss.
perhaps a scene showing where the meowth is coming from before the action starts between him and the bat. the response of the boss afterward, and then the sequel or ending scene ( exp. what happened to the meowth? 1. does the clan the meowth comes from get angry? or 2. is the meowth a loner and mutters "curse that bat." and then drops dead?) even if it is not going to be continued at least leave the person guessing on what might have happened next or what could happen after the meowth drops dead.
looking foward to another flash! you got some potential. just need a little guidance as you progress. so keep it up!

Sarena responds:

Thank you for the advice. ^^

Yeah I guess I sorta didn't explain what happened to that Meowth after all. Hmm maybe I will end up making a short sequel to patch up the story more. I know my brother was making an RPGmaker game including these characters awhile back, so maybe things would be explained more in that as well. We'll see how things go. ;)

Not really up to it

You have a good idea and the artwork was interesting, but the no voice acting and the lack of a plot hinders you.

Sarena responds:

I am not good at voice acting, so I did not want to ruin the video with poor voice acting. And this was meant to be a short animation for fun, therefore it wasn't really supposed to have a plot. Although I think a good idea/interesting artwork deserves more than a 0 score... o.o;

Credits & Info

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Feb 28, 2010
11:15 PM EST