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Big Joe's Western Stagecoach Company

Work for Big Joe and help protect the Stagecoach as you take passengers around the Wild West.
Upgrade the Stagecoach and buy better weapons as you fight off bandits, outlaws and Injuns in the Wild West.

9 different weapons.
Lots of different enemies.
21 levels of western fun.


Aim with the Mouse.
R = reload.

1-9 select weapon.

point and click to interact when you are in town



It's glitchy the bullets need to be faster, the money needs to be earned just a tiny bit quicker, the upgrades on the vehicle need to be actually noticeable, and other stuff. Oh and the acuracy is sheet. But it's addicting for a whole 30 minutes or so.

spod responds:

thanks for all comments.

stage coach upgrades are a bit subtle i suppose, teh driver changes hats as you upgrade him, and the luggage/cargo increases.

there is no change for improving the health of the coach, sorry about that

general not to all on the bullets.

in the next version I am intending that the bad guys shoot at you rather than the stagecoach, so the slowness of the bullets give you time to dodge, as you wil be able to move your character on top of teh coach.

maybe i shold have made them quicker in this version for now.

Could use some work

Fun, but could use some work. Could go on a bit longer, and could have some fanfare at the ending...

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spod responds:

when you say could go on a bit longer, do you mean the individual levels or the whole game?

and fanfare, again at teh end ot teh level or for teh whole game?

Good Engine Gameplay Was Meh

You can go far with this, think about making a sequel cause this engine seems quite good, just the gameplay wasn't too good. When you think about it making your script for where the bullet spawns lock onto a moveable gravity enabled platformer character you could move into games like thing thing or madness interactive. Not saying it'd be easy but if it's scripted as I think it is you've got quite the engine here. Oh and graphics weren't bad.

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spod responds:

the hero will be movable in the next version,, jump duck left and right movement to dodge the incoming enemy bullets.

yes the bullets are independently moving objects, just like real bullets.

public service anouncement

a bullet can travel 400ft before even one frame of this flash transitions.
an asshole can flap his mouth 1000 times before im done writing this.
overall this is a good game!

do u ride the short bus?

how can u see the bullets? a bullet can travel 400ft before even one frame of this flash transitions.

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3.21 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2010
10:11 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed