Stick Fight (Trial)

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This is my 1st attempt at a flash animation, atm there is no sound but this is just a trial. Please comment your views and tips for me to improve. Then hopefully i can finish it and start on better things XD

Just updated it with putting music on it, not much better but hey lol
just did it as i was having a lil break from my net flash :P
let me know what you think

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This is MUTCH better than my first animation! Youre AWSOME!

"Great work."

All I can say is wow, and that somehow, I find it hard to believe that this is your first flash animation attempt. But regardless if it is or not, this was one great movie! Also, for the type of animation this was, which was a stick animation, you killed it. The fighting was perfect, and you could clearly see the specific movements the stick characters were making when they were fighting. None of that hard to see/understand/poorly animated bull. Not only that, but I liked how you made the sticks in your flash more defined, rather than leaving their bodies really skinny.

For the animation, it was very clean and smooth. The only adjustments I would say to have for next time would be to add some sound, and possibly a little more gore. Personally, I think that adding those two things in would make the movie much more enjoyable. Also, having a stop/play button is never a bad thing, so the movie doesn't have to continuously loop.

Above all great work, and keep it up!

Is this really your first flash?

i like your stick animation style! nice and smooth. The cracks were good quality too. Rather submit this on a stick realted website than newgrounds though (please don't ban me m-bot!), there's plenty out there and you would do well!

You're good

That is extremely well animated you're pretty good, really. You should try making it a bit longer and of course add some sounds. Good for a trial 4/5

ten stars

loved it witch is very rare for stick animations but you
pulled it off and for you're first it was pretty great
hope to see more

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4.17 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2010
3:02 AM EST