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Cold Hands # 2

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2nd of 4 new shorts. This one is a bit cryptic but I hope you'll enjoy.

Frontpage! That came completely unexpected! Thank you very very much...

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very.... interesting....

as much as i would like to rewatch your "make you think" videos i dont think my mind could take anymore...... not that their bad its just...... WHATS GOING ON?!?!

FoXcatO responds:

It's good to quit before your mind implodes:)

I'm sure if I understood it, I'd like it even more


But I guess if you told us, it would defeat the purpose of symbolism.

^^ I love your work.

FoXcatO responds:

Thank you.
The answer to what happens in the end of the movie is actually very simple.
I love reading other peoples interpretations of my work, that's why I rarely give anything away.
I'm glad you like my work:)

Omfg qQ!

The animation went well with the video and the audio was perfect. I love this! Do you put much consideration into how the shorts go together or does it just happen?

FoXcatO responds:

I'm glad you found it enjoyable:)
Well there are going to be little things in there that links them together, but they aren't planned out in every detail imaginable. They kinda serve as small breaks from my bigger projects.


What's the moral of that flash, what's the meaning?
It's just like artistic crap or something.


i like your animation but i dont get it is it supposed to be funny if so maybe next time make it easier to understand

FoXcatO responds:

Nope... it's not supposed to be funny...